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Green Roots Wine – Better for the Planet, from Grape to Glass.


Green Roots is a range of delicious, high quality, excellent value wines sourced from Spain and France, designed to offer a sustainable solution to wine drinkers.

Our wines are all high quality, fresh, accessible, and vegan. Green Roots offers consumers the sustainable choice without having to compromise on price or quality. 



As experienced importers of bottled wine from halfway across the globe, we knew that we could work in a new way to make an immediate positive impact from the wines that we sell. We are putting sustainability at the forefront of every decision we make in our quest to reach the United Nations Net Zero goals. From working with suppliers who share our vision, to using sustainable materials for packing, through to working sustainably in our day to day working lives, the Earth-friendly choice always wins. Our customers can be confident that we are doing everything we can to make a positive change.



We continue to work with Planet Mark to measure and reduce our carbon emissions on our path to Net Zero. We are proud to have the first products to bear their logo.

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