• Inspired product collection

  • Innovation is our DNA

  • Consolidation for positive impact

  • A complete customer experience

  • Social responsibility guides our decisions

Inspired product collection



According to a study analysing the value of packaging design to a brand, there is a strong correlation between packaging and purchases. 73% of interviewed customers cited a significant reliance on product packaging designs when making a purchase decision.

Research shows 63% of consumers say good imagery promotes purchase more than any description.

“Our experience tells us that consumers buy products which stand out, so ensuring we provide you with striking brands helps give you a competitive edge”




Taste, Origin, Quality

Driving repeat sales and building brand loyalty.

We test EVERY product, every flavour with only the very best products making it through our team selection process.

Externally we sit on numerous judging panels of industry award programs, ensuring we have access to the best new product, judged not only by us but by industry experts.

Each brand tells a story, giving your sales team a point of difference.

“Buying a product on how it looks is a first purchase but to ensure the consumer returns then having taste, origin and quality is essential”



Innovation is our dna


Unique Sourcing & Speed to Market

'Boost' – our pioneering annual initiative to assist start up food and drink brands, by working in collaboration with the brands and a hand picked team of industry leading experts from our customers to uncover the next generation of great product innovation is in our DNA.

Consistently revitalising our product range giving our customers inspired choices. In 2020 we launched 72 new brands over 800 products & in 2021 (a tough year!) we still launched 46 new brands & 628 products.

Instant listing program – our objective is simple, new products to you within weeks, not the normal annual selection process




Investing in the Future

Market leading webstore – its intuitive, its easy.  Our site is designed to make your life easier, the ability to search and find product quickly, save product in favourite lists making ordering simple, checking if the product is in stock, seeing your purchasing history and giving access to our monthly promotional calendar ensures you can order what you want when you want it.

Using advanced technology – as the world moves into a digital age we have invested in advanced technology to provide multiple communication channels allowing our customers to contact us in the format they want, improving the customer experience.


consolidation for positive impact


Process Simplification, Improved Profitability

Every purchase order has a hidden cost of circa £50.00*

We offer...

  • One Order
  • One Minimum Order Value
  • One Delivery
  • One Invoice
  • One Point of contact

Change activity from reactive to proactive – allowing your team more time with customers.


*The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) estimates the average cost of raising a purchase order at £50*. This considers fixed costs such as staff time, accommodation, heating and lighting, as well as some variable costs including telephone calls, stamps and stationery. The actual cost will therefore vary from company to company.




Caring for the Environment

80% of greenhouse-gas (GHG) in most consumer goods categories are in supply chains*

Single consolidated delivery will reduce carbon footprint.

Reduced levels of packaging, so helping to reduce your recycling/waste requirement For Every Pallet we Delivery we Plant a Tree with Ecology.


Complete customer experience


“Providing support channels you can Trust”


  • Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable Team
  • Instant account opening process
  • State of the art service platform
  • Monitored service performance


  • Sampling
  • Images
  • Data sheets
  • Category / Management
  • Product training


  • Monthly promotions
  • Brand stories
  • Tasting events
  • Point of sale material


social responsibility guides our decision



  • Compete in Sporting Events to raise money for Secret World Wildlife Rescue 
  • Support Customer Charity Events as a Team
  • Staff Days Holiday for Birthday
  • Catalogue Mailing Done Using 100% Biodegradable Packaging
  • We have removed all non-sustainable Palm Oil from our range with the view to be Palm Oil free by 2023
  • Our Distribution Partner has a climate positive workforce, runs 72% vehicle fill compared to 51% in some sectors and has Signed up to the Volta Trucks Pioneer Scheme (Electrification of Fleet)
  • Strong Animal Welfare Policy for selection of Products
  • Company Recycling Policy





  • Carbon Neutral
  • Team Volunteering Days
  • 1 Day off per year to Volunteer
  • Zero to Landfill by 2023
  • Remove all Palm Oil from our Supply Chain by 2023
  • Invest in Rewilding Projects
  • PlanetMark/B Corp/B1G1