About Yummycomb



A sweet tooth, an eye for the unusual with a heart full of tradition run alongside our strong family values, these are the foundations of Yummycomb. We are a family business with our chief taste tester being our young son Teddy. He certainly knows what he likes, and he loves Yummycomb! Along with limiting Teddy’s YummyComb consumption, we ensure only the finest sustainable Belgian chocolate is used to smother our delicious honeycomb and nothing, but 100% natural flavourings can make their way into our products.

Honeycomb is special to us, it’s a staple of the good old British traditional confectionery industry. Honeycomb was introduced to us by our grandparents on cold winter nights at the local fairground in large clear bags. The taste of slightly burnt toffee and smell of candy floss is a fond childhood memory and the basis of our unique 21st century products.

Alongside honeycomb who doesn’t love chocolate? If your going to do chocolate, you may as well do it right. It must be high quality, high cocoa content giving the perfect blanket to accompany our nostalgic cinder toffee (honeycomb to you Southerners!).

We have worked hard on our honeycomb/chocolate combinations and use prominent popular chocolate flavours, alongside our UNIQUE easy to eat shapes and sizes to create our YummyComb range.

We are proud of our British traditional confectionery offering and are super excited to bring our range into the modern world. Feel free to send us a message of your favourite childhood confectionery memories but while delving through your memory banks why not enjoy one of our delicious.