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At Well&Truly our number one focus is taste and flavour! We have a range of wickedly addictive savoury crisps and a range of oh-so-creamy, plant based and ethical chocolate. 

Our savoury snacks are gluten free, contain 40% less fat than the average crisps, and are jammed full of crave-worthy flavour. We call them #Naughty-ish. Naughty flavour. Nice ingredients. No bland-tasting nonsense. 



Our chocolate is made using oat m&lk, which is a ma-hoof-sive step in the right direction for plant-based indulgence. What makes our chocolate naughty is the smooth creamy taste and the indulgent inclusions. What stops it being full on bad boys is that it is nice to the world, plant based and produced with sustainable practices.

Now that Well&Truly have rid crisps and chocolate of their naughty bits, you can finally snack like you really mean it!


Each Well&Truly recipe is packed with flavour and made with all natural ingredients, resulting in a really crunchy corn snacks that are 40% less fat. The Crunchies range provides all the satisfaction you expect from delicious crunchy snacks, without any of the unnecessary ingredients.



It’s the stuff of dreams - a deliciously creamy and rich oat milk chocolate bar that will send your palate into a spin (even without Shakira). What more can you ask for? Not only is it lip smackingly moreish, it’s also ethically and fairly traded before arriving in the UK. Some may say it's the best non-dairy chocolate on the market. With our 43% single origin cocoa, milk chocolate has never been so tempting. Vegan friendly.










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