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About us
The Coconut Kitchen produces award winning, restaurant quality Thai curry pastes and sauces. Our aim is to allow the customer to make their ultimate Thai dish at home, easily and to never disappoint their taste buds.

With over 15 years experience in Thai cuisine from owning Thai and Asian restaurants and travelling and cooking all over Thailand we wanted to bring back that True Thai taste to our shores without the food miles and are proud that all our products are made in Wales. Our recipes have been tried, tested and proven to be the most authentic on the market and are also backed up by numerous Great Taste Awards over the years.


The Bamboo School – Thailand. Sponsor a Child.
The Bamboo School is a children’s refuge on the Thai/Myanmar Border, originally built in bamboo, now many of its buildings are made from recycled plastic. It was set up over 20 years ag0 by New Zealander, Catherine Riley-Bryan. It a refuge for children who have medical issues, are orphans or who have been abandoned. The school is truly remarkable and has taken in over 600 students over the past 20 years giving these kids a purpose in life, teaching them and training them to serve and help others in the local community and beyond.

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Regardless of if we make a profit or not, The Coconut Kitchen has committed to sponsoring at least 2 children in this school per year and if profits allow we will sponsor more. There are currently over 80 children in the refuge and the current military dictatorship and civil war in Myanmar is making the situation a lot worse and more children and adults are trying to cross the border into Thailand. The Bamboo school does not turn people in trouble away. As you can imagine they are busier than ever and in need of outside help even more.

The other remarkable thing about this school is that many of its buildings are made out of recycled plastic bottles! The bottles are stuffed with plastic bags and glued together in 6’s to make plastic “Eco Bricks”. The technology works amazingly well and they have built, sturdy, well insulated (against heat and cold) buildings. The children are also taught how to grow their own organic vegetables on the land and how to fish in the adjacent lake all skills they can use to help themselves and others in their future life.