About The British Snack Co.


Why British Snack Co.?


Our Partners Trust in Our 3 Simple Principles… 


(Our premium taste and high-quality isn’t the ONLY reason to choose the British Snack Co)


#1: Boosting British Business and Supporting Local Economies

From our potatoes (grown in Colchester), to our packaging (designed in Telford), or our popcorn (hand-popped in High Wycombe), we help support local British businesses. The British Snack Co is proud to develop as much of our supply chain in the UK as possible! 




#2: Keeping All Our Flavours Vegan

That’s right. All flavours of our crisps and popcorn are 100% vegan (and allergen free). Not only does this make them healthier than many other brands out there, it also gives the UK’s vegans an easy way to enjoy flavours that are otherwise out of reach (like cheese & onion, or beef!) Our ranges cater to everyone.




#3: Helping the Environment However We Can

Our potato farm is powered by 100% renewable energy and we only work with businesses who make commitments to the environment. In fact, we’re constantly pushing to make our brand as eco-friendly as possible and will continue making changes to aid this goal whenever we can.


So What Makes Our British Snacks So Great?

Conceptualised, made, and managed right here in the UK

Award-winning products with over 8 million bags sold

100% vegan and allergen-free

Measures to help protect our precious countryside

Fantastic partners who provide us with the best quality ingredients


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