About Taku

We’re Oha & we’re based in New Zealand. We are proudly owned by Ngāi Tahu, the principal Māori iwi from the southern region of New Zealand.
Oha has exclusive access to honey from pristine Mānuka forests in the most remote corners of our customary lands.

Our Operations

Oha Honey is structured to give global partners maximum flexibility in how they plan, secure and commercialise their Mānuka Honey supply chain.
We operate a well established apiary network across five of the major honey producing regions in New Zealand. Providing us unrivalled access to honey supply that can meet any market need, regardless of season or harvest.
Our state of the art processing facility in rural Wairarapa enables us to produce and pack the highest quality product. In Wellington, our dedicated commercial team works with customers to compete smarter, identifying unmet niches and securing dependable long term supply.


Market ready and proven to sell.

Oha Honey is proud to own a range of successful and complimentary Mānuka honey brands. The best of what Oha Honey has to offer, these brands are used by partners who prefer to leverage the reputation and awareness of a proven consumer brand.

Complete with marketing assets and plenty of recognition, this solution is for
the customer who recognises the value of Mānuka and wants a solution that’s ready to sell on day one.

We sell have two of our leading brands listed with Diverse. These are Watson & Son and Taku

Our Values

Whanaungataga (Family): We are all proud to belong to Oha honey and Tahu Whanau (family.) We respect, foster and value relationships with each other, landowners, customers, strategic partners and the community.

Rangatiratanga (Leadership): We strive to maintain a high degree of personal integrity and ethical behaviour in all actions and decisions we undertake.

Manaakitanga (Looking after people): We show respect, generosity and care for each other. At Oha, in line with our customs (tikanga) we show the same values to all we interact with.

Tohungatanga (expertise): We pursue knowledge and ideas that will strengthen and grow ourselves, each other and the company full.

Tikanga (Appropriate action): Our actions are directed by our values and customs, looking after our bees and land for all generations to come.
Kaitianga (Stewardship): We work actively to protect our people, environment, knowledge, culture, language and resources for our future generations.



From our people to you

Our New Zealand landscape can be raw and rugged, in contrast, our people very welcoming. At the heart of our culture lies hospitality, kindness, generosity, a deep love for our land, and the treasures it provides.

Tāku originated in two of the wildest and unspoilt places on earth – the fertile, volcanic regions of the North Island.

Mānuka used to be our secret – used by Māori for centuries. Today, we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, as custodians of the land. It’s a partnership with the local community that sustains our families, our livelihood, and our passion for this wonderful product. Tāku means ‘mine’ in Māori – and this magical Mānuka, lovingly crafted by nature, and harvested by our people, is now shared with you.

Mānuka Honey

Sourced from the best Mānuka growing regions of New Zealand, our premium Mānuka range includes UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+.


5+ UMF

Amber in colour, this earthy honey is made with love and is suitable for everyday use as a natural sweetener, or spread generously on toast.


10+ UMF

With a season lasting less than 6 weeks, Tāku bees work hard to produce this amber honey. Perfect for adding to hot drinks, or simply enjoyed straight off the spoon.

15+, 20+ UMF

Mānuka is the only nectar producing plant that flowers above 2,000 feet during the short Manuka season – and it’s here that our bees work hard to collect this pure dark nectar for our premium range.



Watson & Son

Watson & Son New Zealand Manuka Honey is harvested from some of the most remote and pristine regions of New Zealand, from the flowers of the native Manuka Tree.

For a few weeks of the year, Mānuka is the only flowering plant in the alpine zones, above 2,000 feet. Our bees work hard to collect this pure nectar – in turn, our people work hard to look after them.

Watson & Son Manuka Honey is guaranteed to contain methylglyoxal (MGO). Customers can be confident each batch of Watson & Son Manuka Honey is rigorously tested for its Methylglyoxal content and is certified by an accredited NZ laboratory under the ISO17025 standard.

We have a selection of Manukas in 250g & 500g, they range from 5+ to 20+ MGS 


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