About Taking The Pea


Peas as a snack?! No, we’re not taking the pea!


Taking the Pea is a family-ran, small business based in the UK. Originally launched  as a healthy alternative to crisps - our flavours are inspired by the nations favourite flavours, Cheese & Onion, Smoked Ham and Sweet Chilli. And then of course, you can't have a bag of peas without the traditional wasabi flavour!



Peas are chosen as the product not only because at that time there is nothing in the market like us (our peas a British-grown marrowfat peas, rather than the chickpea products you see out there), but they are also an amazing source of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, thiamine (B1), iron and phosphorus. They are also rich in protein, carbohydrate and fibre and low in fat. Not only that, peas have one of the lowest carbon footprint of any food group: they are water efficient, enrich the soil as they grow and in turn, reduce the need for fertilisers.



Throughout the pandemic, the team utilised the time to overhaul the brand completely. The packs are now bright and fresh - and complete with four cheeky characters to boot. Now, it's not just the name that grabs the attention of the buyer and stands out from the crowd on the shelf.

The packs also come in two different sizes: 25g - perfect for on the go, and 125g - which is great to share with friends (although, you don’t have to, if you don’t want!)