About Simply Roasted Crisps



welcome to simply roasted crisps.

we’re on a mission to improve the health of the nation, one crisp at a time. that’s why we spent 10 years of R&D and £20 million pounds on a new way to make a crisp.

imagine giving consumers everything they want from a crisp; crunch, flavour, satisfaction. and less of the things they don’t; calories, high fat & salt. 50% less fat to be exact.

we believe our range truly bridges the gap between the much-loved traditional fried potato crisp and the better-for-you option on the market. for when only a real crisp will do.

the government has some new nutritional targets about HFSS (High fat, sugar, salt) foods which we’ve met. we also tick the box for public health england savoury snacking targets.


our range includes the traditional favourites of sea salt, sea salt & cider vinegar, mature cheddar & red onion with a bonus flavour of black truffle.
despite only launching into market at the beginning of January, we’ve already won two Grocer awards, ‘the best new crisp product’ and ‘top products 2021’, in bagged crisps.

while we’re limited in environmentally friendly packaging options, we’ve chosen to focus our sustainability efforts on the areas we can control. our energy consumption, our factory & our supply chain.

- we built a bespoke factory in norfolk & source our british potatoes locally to reduce food miles
- our factory is zero-waste to landfill & we refine our waste oil into biofuel
- we’re a living wage employer and hire local talent
- our cooking technology uses 25% less energy than traditional fried crisps
simply better crisps. go on, try these..


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