About Serious Pig



A few years ago while enjoying the craft beers on offer at his local pub, our founder, George Rice, felt that pub snacks were in need of some serious love if they were going to match the bold flavours new-wave brewers were putting forward.

That night left George hungry for a true taste experience, sending him on a worldwide quest to source the finest ingredients to craft the tastiest snacks. Because if you want great flavour, you need great produce.

And so was born Serious Pig and more specifically our debut snack: the Snackalami. Made from delicious outdoor-reared British pork in collaboration with pioneering Kentish farmers, the Snackalami delivered on Serious Pig’s mission: to make savoury snacking with real taste.

Over the last decade, our range has grown to include a mouth-watering array of savoury delights and with them our community of producers, without whom these incredible flavours wouldn’t be possible.

From the local pub to scouring the globe, George’s foodie calling has put us on the map providing the best nibbles to heighten life’s best moments.

Whether it’s giving someone the gift of fabulous flavour, or sharing a drink with a friend, we want to help you savour every moment. Because bringing serious snacks to foodies everywhere is what makes us happy.


We only work with the best free-range British RSPCA approved farms where pigs enjoy a happy life with freedom to express their natural behaviour.

We source locally too, and ensure the distance between the farm and butchery is within an hour’s drive and all within the county of Kent. We know our supply chain inside out and have worked with these wonderful people for many years, so we understand where every single ingredient comes from.


We use whole virgin wheels of Quattrocento Italian cheese for our Crunchy Snacking Cheese. The cheese is made with milk farmed from a sustainable Italian cooperative of dairy farmers. With an ingredient this good, there’s no need for much else! Our Classic Snacking Cheese had just three ingredients; milk, salt and vegetarian rennet.


Our Giant Corn Scratchings are harvested with love in the high-altitude Cuzco Valley in Peru where the corn stalks reach over 5.5m metres in height and the kernels grown incredibly large. The team takes great care to ensure every kernel meets the requirements for quality, colour, aroma and flavour ensuring that, once tossed here in the UK in a blend of sage, sea salt and white pepper, each big crunch delivers a wonderful umami taste reminiscent of a traditional pork scratching.


The Yorkshire potatoes used for our Sausage Flavour Crisps are what, we think, makes them so incredibly delicious! Grown by farmers on the chalky soils of the Yorkshire Wolds, once harvested the potatoes are hand-cooked in small batches with pure sunflower oil to get that crisp perfection. They’re then coated in our 100% natural (vegan) sausage flavouring for that totally moreish finishing touch.


Did you know that India is the world’s biggest exporter of Gherkins? The name “gherkin” comes from the Dutch word “gurken,” which means small pickled cucumber.

Gherkin cultivation, processing and exports started in India during the early 1990s with a modest beginning in Karnataka and later extended to the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where two crops are grown annually.

The ideal soil type and the desirable temperatures of not less than 15 degrees centigrade and not more than 35 degrees Centigrade make these regions desirable for Gherkins cultivation.

We select the best quality Indian gherkins from established growers in these regions and ensure they’re pickled to perfection to get the tanginess quotient just right.


Our secret ingredient! We’ve been extremely fortunate to attract a team of wonderful people here in West London who share the same values as George did when he set out to elevate the world of snacking.

A commitment to quality – a meticulous approach to sourcing and handling food products. Our team makes sure every snack is delivered to you in top-notch condition and is beautifully presented.

Decency – we’re a positive and ethical bunch from farm to fork, treating everyone honestly and respectfully to ensure our loyal customers receive the very best service. We’re proud to adhere to the London Living Wage scheme.