About Plenish


Plenish is an award-winning plant-powered drinks brand that’s on a mission to fuel a healthier world. They’re famous for their naturally delicious M*lks and cold-pressed Juice Shots, made with all organic ingredients and absolutely no additives. Plenish is committed to producing products that are good for you and good for the Planet.

Plenish's award-winning plant-milks are made with the highest quality organic and sustainably-sourced produce, and never include any stabilisers or oils like many other brands. A naturally delicious alternative to dairy, Plenish Milks make the most flavourful hot drinks, bakes, and breakfasts.



Why Plenish?

Organic – All Plenish M*lks are made with sustainably-sourced nuts, oats and soya that are grown organically without the use of harmful pesticides. That means they’re better for the soil, the farmers and you.

Sustainable – Plenish work with farms and cooperatives that have high ethical standards and sustainability policies, ensuring that producing their drinks don’t harm the Planet

Carbon Negative – in 2020 Plenish went carbon negative and became a certified B Corporation, showing the work they have done to become a force for good, both for people and the planet.

More nuts – Plenish M*lks are made with up to 6 times as many nuts as the competitor brands.

No additives – Unlike most brands, Plenish don’t uses oils or stabilisers in our products, ensuring you get great taste without the compromise.

Less sugar – All Plenish products are unsweetened and contain only natural sugars. Most have so little sugar that they are considered ‘sugar free’. Their Oat M*lk contains 70% less sugar than Oatly.

Great taste – Because Plenish use more nuts than most, and all high quality organic ingredients with no fillers, all Plenish M*lks taste like they’re supposed to! That’s why all their M*lks have been awarded Great Taste awards and a host of 5 star reviews on online shops.

Environmentally friendly - Plenish have conducted a full Life Cycle analysis of all their M*lks to understand their environmental impact from farm to you. Plenish Almond M*lk, for example, produces 70% fewer carbon emissions than dairy and uses only 1.5% of the water – 9.7 litres compared to dairy’s staggering 628 litres.

Long Life – All Plenish 1 litre cartons have long life and can be safely stored ambiently before they're used - perfect for stocking up!


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