About Peppersmith

Our Story

Peppersmith was founded in London in 2009 by Dan Shrimpton and Mike Stevens, who met while working at the Innocent smoothie drinks empire.

The idea behind the brand was to make confectionery healthy and accessible, to challenge the mainstream sugar-based products and to bring the best taste and experience by using premium quality ingredients and real British Mint.

We now have over 10 years’ experience creating thoughtfully sourced, naturally flavoured, teeth-friendly treats.

All our products are still made using 100% natural flavours and high-quality ingredients that are actively good for you and packaged in a nice little cardboard box that is FCS approved and fully recyclable.

Instead of sugar or chemical alternatives, we use a clever little plant-based sweetener called Xylitol to sweeten our products, and source our proper

British mint from a beautiful little farm in Hampshire.


Yes, that's right, we only use xylitol to make our mints and gum taste nice and sweet. We know that it sounds a bit funny, but it's actually a clever little ingredient that helps keep your teeth healthy by clearing away bacteria and plaque in the mouth. Even better news, it comes from trees and plants. Hooray.
If you want to find out exactly how xylitol works, press the play button for a short video. Go on... you know you want to.


When it comes to the other ingredients in our mints and gum, we like to steer clear of stuff like artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. That's why we use proper British mint and real Sicilian lemons to make them taste so great. Plus we use tomatoes to give our strawberry pastilles their nice pink colour. 


Luckily, the xylitol that we use to replace sugar in our products has 40% fewer calories than sugar itself. This means that in a whole pack of Peppersmith mints there's only 36 calories. Plus, xylitol has a low GI of 7 so is suitable for diabetics too. 


Aspartame. That nasty artificial sweetener that's in lots of diet fizzy drinks. We don't need it to make our mints and gum taste good and neither do you. 


Don’t just take our word for it, we’re endorsed by lots of dentists across the UK and the Oral Health Foundation. We are also approved by the European Food Safety Authority who have done lots of studies on xylitol and teeth.

All of our products use flavours that are natural and thoughtfully sourced to ensure the taste and experience is top notch. Here’s a bit more info:

Proper British Mint

We use only the finest stuff from a small farm in Hampshire and once it’s harvested it’s distilled into the very best pure mint oil England has to offer.

Sicilian Lemons

Our lemon mints are flavoured with Sicilian lemon – the best of the best – we use two different varieties, the Femminello and Monachello, which are popular for their zesty taste. And because we specifically use the rind of the lemon, our mints are PH neutral.


We use all natural ingredients in our strawberry pastilles to bring you maximum flavour.


Not for the faint hearted. We use natural eucalyptus oil to make our extra strong mints, well, extra strong.


We use 100% plant-based xylitol; the best sweetener you can get. Sourced sustainably, xylitol reduces bacteria in your mouth, which makes our products so good, we’re approved by the oral health foundation - dentists rave about us.


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