About Oh My Gum





OH MY GUM! is chewing gum as it should be: plant-based, plastic-free, sugar-free and super-tasty. Taking chewing gum back to its plant-based roots by using chicle, a sustainably sourced tree sap from the sapodilla tree, OH MY GUM! is biodegradable and therefore an eco-friendly alternative to mainstream chewing gum that is made with the same single-use plastic used to manufacture tyres and glue. 




Winners of both the Sustainable Food Awards 2021 and Great Taste Awards 2021


OH MY GUM! is sweetened with 100% plant-based tooth-friendly xylitol and is available in two all natural flavours: a fresh mint and a spicy cinnamon. OH MY GUM! is packaged in chic, eye-catching and recyclable packets designed to be spill-proof and minimise waste. 


The brand was launched by Londoner, Malak Ben-Hmeda, who wanted to create a stylish, tasty and sustainable plant-based chewing gum and bring exciting innovation to a stagnant category. 


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