About Mahala


Introducing our story

Mahala Botanical is not just another alcohol-free spirit. It is a range of triple-distilled craft botanical spirits.

The botanical ingredients are carefully selected by danielle schoeman, our master distiller. Every stage of the production process is meticulously managed by our team at our craft distillery in cape town, south africa.

Mahala which means free in zulu slang, is not just free from alcohol but is also free from sugar, gluten and is vegan-friendly. We are one of the few farm to glass alcohol free drinks, crafted by us in our own distillery with no compromises.


About us


From farm to glass

In our distillery there is an amazing all female team of 3 - every single bottle that leaves our distillery, we have sealed it, applied the label, and put it in a box. We own the entire process from foraging the botanicals to distilling in our custom-built vacuum stills.

The all-natural botanicals undergo a triple-distillation process in custom-built vacuum stills. This ensures abundant flavour and results in a complex, layered finish. The end result is a premium drink that delivers a flavour packed alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Mahala botanical is an equal-opportunity employer and recruits locally and without prejudice.



Mahala botanical classic

the original botanical created by us in 2022, once you open a bottle the fragrant clove and cardamom become apparent with subtle floral notes of the buchu coming through from the indigenous south African fynbos.

delicate spices such as clove and pepper with hints of buchu. Subtle citrus notes from the orange and pelargonium citronella.

herbaceous with a long citrus finish.


Mahala botanical amber

once you open a bottle of Mahala amber, the fragrant chilli, smoke and oak become apparent with subtle floral notes of the honeybush coming through from the indigenous south African fynbos.

complex warm chilli notes with wood and hints of sweet honeybush.

long smoky with warm notes of chilli and wood.