About Luscombe

At Luscombe we’re passionate about making fabulous drinks. We source premium organic ingredients from trusted growers around the world and produce our drinks locally in Devon. Our award-winning drinks are made without compromise.

We create our bespoke recipes using only premium organic ingredients, no artificial additives, sweeteners or concentrates. We source directly from growers we trust, selecting ingredients according to the countries and climates where they thrive to ensure truly sumptuous taste profiles. We ensure only the best goes into the bottles, every time.

Luscombe, making beautiful drinks since 1997.

We are incredibly proud of our British heritage and over the past 40 years we have established ourselves as a premium brand with a reputation for products of the highest quality.




Apples have been growing in our Devon orchards for over 1000 years. Although we started life making cider, our soft drinks production has been family owned and operated since 1997 from our site in the heart of Devon.

Our range of 33 award winning drinks include pure fruit juices, soft drinks made with our Devon spring water, tonics & mixers and our historic Devon cider.

We have proudly been making beautiful drinks for over 22 years.




Premium, natural & sustainably sourced
Sourcing our premium ingredients from around the world, from trusted growers we have worked with for many years. Our fruit is grown in climates where they thrive to ensure only the best flavour profiles are achieved. Every detail from the soil type, to amount of sun the fruit receives is monitored, to ensure our fruit provides the best possible taste.




We don’t add any enhancers to our products – just exceptional, natural ingredients to create honest flavours, true to the ingredients in the bottle. Free from artificial additives, suitable for vegans and gluten free.
Locally produced

All our drinks are produced at Luscombe, Devon. We press our fruit on site using bespoke techniques –every step from harvesting, juicing, blending and bottling receives our undivided attention. We have complete control from source to bottle.