About Ludlow Farmshop



Welcome to Ludlow Farmshop 

Farming is at the very heart of what we do. Our farm shop is located two miles from the beautiful town of Ludlow and produces many of its award-winning products from the bountiful supply of wonderful produce both from the farm and surrounding area. We traditionally rear Limousin cross beef cattle along with Shropshire lamb (a mix of five breeds) all of which are used across the farm shop site in our butchery and restaurants. Free range high welfare pork and poultry are sourced locally along with venison and game. Seasonal vegetables are supplied to the shop from the walled garden nearby and a state-of-the-art robotic dairy provides the milk we use when making our cheese and yogurt.


Jams & Pickles

Our award-winning jams, marmalades, pickles, chutneys and sauces are always seasonally made by Teresa and her team and the process used to make them is the same as you would use at home.

We make in small batches and no pectin is used as they are set when the ingredients are in season, if needed fresh lemon juice is used instead. We don’t used thickeners and instead reduce the consistency which produces are more concentrated and intense flavour. The team are great at experimentation and developing new flavours and their dedication to getting it absolutely right clearly works as shown by their accolade of awards.


About The Farm & Estate

Ludlow Farm sits at the centre of Oakly Park Estate. Some details of the land-based activities that take place on the estate surrounding the Ludlow Farm site including arable cropping, livestock rearing and associated forestry and conservation efforts can be found below:

The arable operations involve growing the following plants (though the list is not exhaustive) – broad beans, winter wheat, feed wheat, winter and spring barley, oilseed rape, poppies, borage, buckwheat, wholecrop forage peas, oats and vetches.

90% of the feed we use for livestock is grown on our own farms, the remainder is made up of supplemental feed once the composition of our own feed is understood, usually to boost protein etc.

The beef cattle are Limousin cross. The farm shop only takes Limousin cross heifers. The farm shop butchers whole carcasses so we can offer a wide selection of unusual cuts as well as the more traditional ones.

We have a large number of breeding ewes, composing of five main breeds chosen to contribute best confirmation, growth levels and birth weights for lambs along with good mothering attributes. We ideally hope to get an average two lambs per ewe each year with a significant number of these supplying the farm shop directly.

There is a significant herd of wild deer on the estate – mostly fallow but a small number of roe and muntjac are also present. Venison is sold at the shop and makes its way onto the menus at both The Clive Arms and Ludlow Kitchen.

Meat that we don’t produce ourselves is sourced carefully from local producers who share our high welfare ethos.

We have over 100 beehives and the only honey used and sold on site is from our bees. The bees help pollinate many of the flowers, fruit and vegetables across the farm.





We’re very proud of all the recognition the farmshop, its departments and products have achieved. Throughout its history the farmshop has picked up more than 150 awards, most recently winning gold again in the Dalemain World Marmalade Awards. We have been awarded more than 65 Great Taste stars across our own farmshop products, as well as stocking many other local winners, and 4 of our butchery team have won awards for their talent. Every single department in the shop has won awards for their work or products, including awards from Tripadvisor, BBC Good Food, The National Meat Awards and Ludlow Food Festival. You can find out more about our awards below.