About Kiss of Wine




We believe that few pastimes are as enjoyable as discovering new wines. But the traditional wine industry can be stuffy and intimidating. So we're sourcing great wines from small, independent winemakers, then using simple language and beautiful design to communicate the taste and style. They're wrapped up conveniently in cans, so you can enjoy the odd glass on a weekday evening or carry a can in your backpack on a sunset hike.




We seek out single-varietal wines that perfectly show off the character of the grape. We only work with small and medium sized independent winemakers who have a history of making beautiful, high quality wines. And we specifically look for wines with the acidity and freshness that we know works best in can. Basically, we've tasted lots of wines to make sure the ones that make it to your glass are as delicious as they can possibly be. 




Wines are generally labelled and named by producer and area. However, if you are unfamiliar with the terminology, it can be hard to know what you’re buying. We wanted to make it easier to know what you’re getting, by naming the wines according to their style. So if you're heading to a poolside party with a sunhat and shades, you know it's a can of Chill that you need! Through our design we also hope to give you a hint of what the wine will taste like, in a visual language that anybody can understand.





Is wine in a can the same as wine in a bottle?

Absolutely. The wines we've canned are delicious single-varietal wines from small independent winemakers. They could just have easily been packaged in bottle, but in 250ml cans they're easier to transport, better for the environment and mean you can enjoy as a one-off - or try a few different things without needing to open multiple bottles!


How do I know which wines to choose?

We've hopefully done the hard part for you, travelling around Europe seeking out wines that we believe are the best examples of their style. There's lots of information about all of the wines, just click here to find out more, including where they're from, information about the winemakers and the perfect pairings. And if you're still not sure, we recommend choosing our Adventurer subscription. This will give you a taste of all eight of of our wines!


Why does the design look different to the wine labels I'm used to?

Ever stood in front of the shelf in the supermarket wine aisle and felt too overwhelmed to choose? Us too. That's why we're demystifying wine by using simple language and beautiful design to communicate the taste and style. Think Wild Dolcetto or Crisp Sauvignon.


I've heard that cans are better for the environment than glass bottles. Is that true?

Yes this is true, you can find out more on our Sustainability page


Are your wines vegan?

Yes. All the wines are 100% vegan.


Do your wines contain sulphites?

Yes. If you have any concerns regarding allergies please email customerhappiness@kissofwine.com


What do you mean by independent winemakers?

In the winemaking world there are the big guys and the little guys. The guys are the bulk producers, who make wines in vast quantities to supply the big chains and supermarkets. The little guys are the smaller, independent winemakers who create wines according to the unique characteristics of the specific vineyard and vintage. We've intentionally chosen to support the latter, because we believe these artisans create more interesting wines.



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