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About us

We are Joe & Seph’s, a family business famous for our award-winning gourmet popcorn range of over 50 delicious flavours. Started by myself (Joseph), my wife and sons in 2010, we’re obsessed with all things popcorn!
I first discovered flavoured popcorn while taking regular trips to the USA, each time returning with flavoured popcorn as gifts for friends and family. Realising that there was nothing quite like this in the UK, I wondered if I could make my own flavoured popcorn, but even better. I began by air popping the corn and coating it in a smooth caramel made from fresh butter, rather than what was the standard British way of popping it in an oil and sugar mix. I then discovered that by using 100% natural ingredients and a unique "flavour-sequencing" process, I could lock in flavours so that they flourished on the palate at different intervals as you’re eating the popcorn. I took this further and created a range of exciting flavours, including savoury ones made with real cheese! After many burnt pans and late-night tasting sessions in the family kitchen, my wife, eldest Son, and I took my popcorn to a food show in 2010 where we sold out in just two days! Shortly after we achieved our first prestigious retail listing and Joe & Seph’s was born!



Our range

All our popcorn is handmade on site at Popcorn HQ, in West London by our team of talented chefs. We currently have an innovative range of over 50 popcorn flavours, covering everything from classics like salted caramel, Belgian chocolate, and peanut butter. To more savoury flavours like cheese on toast, goats’ cheese & black pepper. If, like us you’ve got a soft spot for a mix of sweet & savoury, you’re in luck as we’ve also got a whole load of flavours that cleverly balance the two - with caramel, chilli and black pepper being a firm office favourite! If you can think of it, there’s a good chance we’ve already got it in popcorn form – we’ve even been referred to as the Willy Wonka of the popcorn world!
As well as popcorn, we also have a range of salted caramel sauces in a variety of flavours, such as sticky toffee, banoffee and espresso martini. More recently we moved into the world of chocolate, with our dangerously addictive chocolate popcorn bites – a piece of salted caramel popcorn, placed in a milk, white or dark chocolate cup. Alongside our chocolate truffles, filled with our indulgent caramel sauces, popcorn slabs drizzled with luxurious chocolate,  popcorn bars and popcorn rocky road!  
Although popcorn will always be our key focus, we love experimenting and always strive to create delicious, indulgent snacks!




The process

We choose to air-pop our popcorn, rather than fry it, and only ever use mushroom corn, which expands to roughly 35 times its original size when popped, creating light, fluffy popcorn with a lovely large surface for the caramel to stick to.  Once popped, we coat every piece by hand with our smooth salted caramel, and if you’ve ever wondered how we get our popcorn so crunchy, the secret lies in the baking process! We double bake our popcorn to ensure all moisture is removed from the caramel, locking in all that wonderful flavour, and then mix the popcorn by hand to ensure no pieces are clumped together. Before being packed up, we also sieve our popcorn twice to try and ensure no un-popped kernels take up precious room in the bag!  


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