About Jamu Wild Water



Our Story

At Jamu Wild Water, we're committed to redefining healthy hydration. Since 2022, we've been crafting fizzy prebiotic water that not only tastes great but also benefits your health. Our sparkling waters are sugar-free and contain immune-boosting botanicals, natural flavours, and prebiotic fibre to satisfy your fizzy cravings while providing gut-loving nutrients.

We are deeply passionate about the link between gut health and wellbeing, which is why our 'wild water' range is formulated with the microbiome in mind.

Our drinks aim to balance gut flora, boost immunity, and prioritise well-being.

Every can of our award-winning fizzy water contains 100% of your daily prebiotic fibre requirement and a blend of botanicals like dandelion, marshmallow root, and elderberry, providing a refreshing and delicious way to hydrate, boost the immune system, and unlock the benefits of a healthy gut.


Our ‘Wild Water’ Range

Jamu Wild Water offers a great way to improve gut health among mainstream consumers who are not fond of kombucha.  It is a revitalising drink with more flavour and health advantages than sparkling water, minus the vinegary funk of fermented beverages. Our zero sugar claim and the absence of artificial sweeteners also appeals to health-conscious individuals seeking flavour without the drawbacks of traditional soda.  With Jamu Wild Water, fizzy water is no longer the boring option; you'll find a tasty all-natural sparkle that nourishes from the inside-out.


Our Mission

Not only are we wild about diversifying the microbiome, Jamu Wild Water is dedicated to rewilding in every sense of the word. Besides donating 10% of profits to biodiversity initiatives, our mission is to help young individuals reconnect with nature for their well-being. Rewilding and reconnecting with the environment are essential for maintaining both physical and mental health. Given that young people, particularly those in their late teens and early twenties, face the highest rates of mental health challenges compared to other age groups, our mission is more relevant now than ever.

Supporting us in our mission is our charity partner, The Outward Bound Trust, an educational charity that helps young people build resilience, self-confidence, and enhanced well-being through wilderness adventures.

Committed to rewilding in every sense, we strive to inspire a deeper connection to the environment and promote overall health.

Join us on this journey toward a healthier and wilder future.