About Grounded

GROUNDED’s mission is to make the cleanest protein shakes on the planet.

We believe if you mess with nature, it’ll probably mess with you. So we don’t. Which is why our protein shakes are crammed full of pure, plant power and absolutely nothing else.


Our drinks are 100% natural with no hidden nasties.


  • 20g of pure plant (from pea and sunflower) per 490ml carton
  • Dairy free and 100% vegan
  • Paper-based, 100% recyclable carton
  • Nut free, and non GMO
  • No artificial flavourings, sweeteners, or thickeners

The 100% recyclable packaging is made from sustainably sourced FSC paper board. It produces 75% less C02 than glass bottles and 41% less C02 than plastic bottles.

The protein m*lkshakes are available in two flavours; creamy chocolate and smooth mint choc. Each carton contains a unique blend of organic sunflower protein, fair trade cocoa and coconut cream to create a shake that’s as close as possible to a creamy dairy shake.


Find them in WHOLE FOODS MARKET, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Virgin Active, GymBox, Amazon, Soho House and online.