About Fellow Creatures



Hello, we are Fellow Creatures vegan chocolate.

Fellow Creatures recreates the joyful nostalgia of sweet treats loved from childhood, with a plant-based twist! Growing up in a family of dairy farmers, founder Zsolt always loved chocolate. Becoming vegan aged 18, he realised the lack of satisfying alternatives and created his own.

Made in Switzerland, Fellow Creatures replace dairy with creamed coconut for unapologetic indulgence. Sourcing the finest quality ingredients, Fellow Creatures works with cocoa collaboratives for full bean-to-bar traceability, paying farmers over fairtrade price for their cocoa.

The vibrant range of milk, white and blonde chocs offer guilt-free snacking with on average 30% less sugar versus conventional dairy chocolate.

Or try the new Wowza spread, with 54% Piedmont hazelnuts and coconut sugar for a premium twist on everyone’s favourite childhood classic - ideal to enhance any treat or in a hot chocolate.

Carbon neutral. Palm-oil free. Gluten-free. Certified by The Vegan Society.




Sometimes the old ways of doing things need revisited and revised.

As a company, we simply set out to create and provide you with chocolate. Chocolate that’s harmless. We believe that us humans are innately good and most of us would never deliberately hurt our fellows. Although, most of us also don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

By now, you may be realising that the production of dairy, and therefore chocolate, involves the exploitation of mother cows for their milk.

Us humans continually strive to progress for the better. We are fighting gender inequality, calling out on racism and bash homophobia. We try to eat well, drink enough water, do yoga.

It may be just chocolate. But it’s part of something bigger. 


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