About Dirty Cow Chocolate


Dirty Cow was founded by two friends looking to bring some excitement and fun to dairy free chocolate. Their mission has expanded to help forward thinking consumers Feel Good Being Bad through a range of plant based products that promote conscious indulgence - all while trying not to take themselves too seriously!

This provocatively named brand raises the occasional eyebrow but its unapologetically bold style represents the fun, mess and exuberance of the Dirty Cow range whilst standing out as a plant based brand that doesn't compromise on its vegan values.

Since launching in 2020 Dirty Cow is now available in five continents and at least fifteen countries. 

In 2021 they won Grocer Magazine New Product of the Year Award where the judges described their chocolate as ‘delicious, creamy and truly gourmet’!

In Autumn/Winter 2022 their Cre*m Liqueur has been trending all over social media with the slogan ‘Better than Ba*leys’!


Dirty Cow Chocolate

With an eclectic range of fourteen bars Dirty Cow Chocolate is hand made with deliciously messy ingredients that are dunked, pressed and sometimes tossed liberally onto creamy chocolate, making each one completely unique.

Their distinctive bars are all dairy free, vegan, made using cocoa sourced from certified sustainable farming, and all wrapped up in ultra-luxe 100% plastic free packaging.


Dirty Cow Cre*m Liqueur

Dirty Cow Cre*m liqueur relaunched in September 2022 with a massive recipe innovation. The feedback has been incredible with all lines selling out completely in the run up to Christmas.

Presented in beautifully stylish bottles and free from the fourteen major allergens Dirty Cow Cre*m liqueur is quite literally raising the bar!

This groundbreaking product, currently available in two flavours, has been incredibly well received with consistent ‘five star’ reviews so we are really excited to be part of this journey in 2023 and beyond.

Dirty Cow have plans to make their liqueur a year round sensation with some exciting summer cocktail recipes and limited addition flavours coming soon!



Dirty Cow Range

With an estimated 40% of the UK now identifying as Flexitarian, that’s making Plant Based choices where flavour and quality aren’t compromised, we believe Dirty Cow has the perfect range to meet this demand.

Dirty Cow Chocolate Bars (80g)

Cinnamon Churros (55% cocoa, dressed with cinnamon and sugar) | Sugar, Spice And All Spanish Things Nice.

Netflix and Chill (55% cocoa, dressed with popcorn) | Get Ready For A Binge Worthy Blockbuster!

Hail Mary Berry (55% cocoa, dressed with strawberry and raspberry) | All Hail This Beautifully Presented Fruity Summer Sensation!

Cookies No Cream (55% cocoa, dressed with ‘New England’ Cookies) | Enjoy All Of The Cookies, With None Of The Cream.

Chunky Dunky (55% cocoa, dressed with bourbon biscuits) | Simply Dunked Bourbon Perfection

Pistachi Yo! (55% cocoa, dressed with raw pistachio nuts) | When Chocolate And Pistachio Nuts High Five!

Plain Tarzan (70% cocoa) | Swing Into A Darkness You May Never Escape.

Honey Come Home (55% cocoa, dressed with honeycomb pieces) | Come Home To This Timeless Crunchy Classic

Cherry Pop (70% cocoa, dressed with sour cherry slices) | Once You Cherry Pop You Just Can't Stop!

Brazillionaire (55% cocoa, dressed with raw brazil nuts) | It's Nutty And Rich. But Without The Yacht.

Salty Susan (55% cocoa, dressed with pretzel pieces) | A Seesaw Of Salt And Savoury To Turn Your Frown Upside Down!

Playne Jayne (55% cocoa) | A Creamy Classic Without The Fuss. Sweet But…Like Totally Simple.

Snap Crackle Shop (55% cocoa, dressed with rice cereal pieces) | Breakfast For Adults With A Chocolate Problem

Dirty Cow Cre*m Liqueur (70cl)

Sooo Original (17% ABV, vanilla and caramel notes) | Vanilla as **** Whisky Cre*m Liqueur. Who knew simple could be sooo sexy.

Loaded Chocolate (17% ABV, chocolate notes) | Chocolatey as **** Whisky Cre*m Liqueur. It brings the sauce so you don’t have to.