About Daioni


Daioni Organic is a family-owned producer of premium organic products based in the lush and green countryside of Wales, the United Kingdom. We are passionate about bringing goodness to you, our environment and our communities. In fact, “Daioni” (pronounced ‘dye-on-knee’) means “goodness” in Welsh.

Daioni Organic was founded by Laurence Harris, an award-winning organic dairy farmer with over 50 years of farming experience. To this day, Laurence and the Harris family remain at the forefront of Daioni Organic.

Dedicated to the highest standards of sustainable organic farming practices and producing quality organic products, we treat our animals and the environment with the utmost care and respect. This lies at the heart of Daioni Organic and everything we do.

We ensure our milk comes from the farms all under the most stringent organic farming requirements; thus, our products bring you natural goodness. You won’t find any chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, or GMOs on our land. Nor will you find hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavour colourings, flavourings or preservatives in our products.

We have UK domestic and international export divisions to serve our clients. Fresh organic milk is produced and packed in the United Kingdom for the UK market, while UHT organic milk products are produced and packed in the Netherlands for International Export markets. You can be sure that Daioni Organic products are 100% traceable from our organic family farms to your family's fridge.
At Daioni Organic, our story starts at Ffosyficer Farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales, the United Kingdom. This western corner of the United Kingdom, with the Irish Sea to one side and the Preseli Hills to the other, is an area renowned for its temperate climate and the quality of its pastures.

The Harris family has carefully nurtured this land for over 70 years. Laurence has overseen the balanced growth of the family farm since 1970 and now farms Ffosyficer Farm with Tom, his eldest son. Together with their families, they care for 1,000 organic dairy cows across 2,000 acres of organic pastures.

Both Laurence and Tom have been recognised across the farming community as leaders in organic farming. They have received many awards which includes Laurence winning the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s flagship accolade, the Sir Bryner Jones Memorial Award, in 2017 for an exceptional contribution to the dairy industry in Wales. In 2021, Laurence was also awarded the Idris Davies Memorial Trust Award by NFU Cymru for an outstanding contribution to agriculture in Pembrokeshire.

Having embraced organic farming practices, Daioni Organic was launched to deliver fresh milk to our local community. We soon started supplying schools across the United Kingdom with our hugely popular Daioni Organic Flavoured Milk range, the winner of a Great Taste award.

Since then, we have expanded our range of Daioni Organic products and where we sell them. Daioni Organic milk is now supplied by Ffosyficer Farm and other certified organic farms in the Netherlands led by like-minded organic farmers to meet the demand for our premium organic products. To reach our communities further afield, we have also opened an office in Hong Kong, the home of Laurence’s other son, Ben, who is also deeply involved in the family business.

We look after our Daioni Organic cows according to the highest welfare standards.
They graze freely on organic grass and clover pastures in warmer weather. When the cold and wet weather arrives (as it does), our cows are housed in warm sheds with comfortable bedding and fed nutrient-rich organic food.

At all times, our farms follow strict rules on stocking densities, so our cows have plenty of space to wander freely, whether in the field or in the shed.
The non-intensive methods of organic farming mean our cows only eat as much organic food, and only produce as much organic milk, as they would naturally.
A natural source of calcium to support bone and muscle development in children and maintenance for adults.

100% Organic milk with natural flavour blending, providing a rich, delicate and delicious taste. The semi-skimmed organic flavoured milk offers the perfect balance and formula to satisfy both the desire for deliciousness and the consciousness of a healthy life. Our flavoured Organic semi-skimmed milk has many choices. All the product ingredients ensure obtaining EU Organic and HFSS guidelines for low fat and low sugar requirements.

Daioni organic flovaoured organic milk product ranges are honoured with the year 2021 award for "Great Taste" UK and UK schools approved.

Daioni Organic Flavoured Milk's deliciously creamy and rich in nutrients from grass-fed free-range cows. A favourite for kids' lunchboxes or on-the-go and healthy snacking, our milk is made using only natural colours and flavouring and is also reasonably content in fat and sugar.

Organic cow milk has higher pure nature protein than non-animal milk. 100ml of cow's milk will contain around 3.4 grams of protein versus 0.5 grams of almond milk. Most fortified plant-based beverages have significantly less protein per serving than cow’s milk. In addition, the calcium naturally present in cow’s milk is often better absorbed by our body than what’s added to fortified plant-based beverages.

Organic Cow's milk has a higher natural calcium content than other types plant base milk, which is critical to bone and teeth health.

Organic Cow's milk is a white liquid of nutrients from a healthy cow's breast. Cow's milk is rich in essential nutrients for children that mothers should know. Mothers can see that the nutrients in cow's milk are necessary for the daily life of their kids (protein, vitamins, minerals and fat. Because at the age of growth, Children need the energy to strengthen their muscles, bones and nervous system to work actively, such as moving their body or doing activities. When the muscles move, the designs are worn out every time, so it is necessary to get nutrients from milk to help nourish and repair them.

Organic cow milk has fewer manual processing steps than other types of milk, so it is of utmost original to pure food that proved more sustainable and environmentally friendly than different types of milk.

Our 200ml flavoured (strawberry, chocolate and banana) and 250m coffee drinks are easy to access and can be stored with nine months shelf life, making them perfect for daily usage and school, sport, hiking, and "on the go" drinks. All the ingredients are natural, fair trade with our 100% organic milk.
We obtain the EU Organic certification and the UK soil association to prove our product’s organic credibility and quality.

In conclusion, Organic cow Milk is the safest, purest, most original, natural nutrition source the human body can easily absorb more than other intensive craft milk.

Organic cow milk is more environmentally friendly since it requires less manual processing.

From our organically certified farms to your shelves and our customers' tables worldwide, we never compromise on the goodness of our products, environment, and community.