About Cygnet Distillery


Cygnet Story – Award Winning Hand-Crafted Welsh Gin

Cygnet Gin is an award-winning, hand-crafted Welsh gin, founded by Katherine Jenkins OBE. With a conscious approach to creation & consumption, Katherine developed Cygnet Gin with 6th generation Master Distiller Chris Saddler, using only the finest ingredients & materials to produce an exceptional gin that she would enjoy. Proudly positioned as a luxury gin, Cygnet offers gin drinkers a “Best in Glass” experience, owing to the considered approach across every touchpoint (from distillation through to production).


From botanicals through to bottle, sustained luxury is at the core of Cygnet Gin.

The refined botanicals are selected not only for the unique flavour profiles they deliver when combined with the purest Welsh water, but also for the silky-smooth mouthfeel they create as a result. The nose, taste and finish are notable when sipping neat or when mixed, and elevates the Cygnet Gin experience.

The beautiful minimalistic bottles have been crafted to reflect the superior quality of the gin within. Cygnet 22 was developed to weigh up to 50% less than the average spirit bottles and features plastic free neck-seals. As such the Cygnet Gin bottles have been created to reduce the carbon footprint associated with spirit production, and the wash-away organic inks (used on the glass) present a potential bottle lifespan beyond the incredible liquid. Their future lies in the hands of the consumer.

The Cygnet Gin bottles resonate with female consumers through embodying an elevated and sophisticated position on both the back bar and in the home environment, owing to their elegant and eye-catching designs.


An award winning luxury

Cygnet has been crafted with a commitment to producing a considered, sustainable luxury gin and is gaining industry recognition within its first year of launch. Cygnet 22 was awarded Gold at the World Drinks Awards 2024 for Wales in the Signature Botanicals category, an incredible accolade and one which our Welsh Dragon (incorporated on both bottles) is proud to be decorated with.

Cygnet 22 has also been awarded in the category of ‘Best Glass Design’ at the 2023 World Beverage Innovation Awards, alongside being commended for The Best Alcohol Beverage for Cygnet 22. Both products took home Silver at The Spirits Business Global Gin Masters 2023 with Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin gaining recognition in the Super Premium (£31-£35) category and Cygnet 22 in the Ultra-Premium (£36+) category.





Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin

ABV 40%

Made using pure Welsh water and 12 botanicals from around the world Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin is a vibrant gin with an uplifting juniper aroma. Notes of sweet orange and soft coriander spice lead to a fresh citrus finish. The botanicals selected for this gin are an eclectic mix of flavours, which include Almonds, Angelica Root, Chamomile Flower, Cardamom Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Juniper Berries, Lemon Peel, Liquorice Root, Lime Peel, Sweet Orange Peel, Orris Root and Pink Grapefruit Peel.

Signature Serves:

  • For a Simple Serve Cygnet Welsh Dry pairs beautifully with a light tonic water & slice of pink grapefruit (which creates a beautifully elegant aesthetic whilst enhancing the citrus notes)
  • For a more complex cocktail serve as a Welsh Lady, combining Triple Sec, fresh lemon juice and an optional egg white


Cygnet 22

ABV 44%

Cygnet 22 is one of the first gin products designed to be sipped neat over ice or in a classic gin cocktail. Named in homage of the 22 botanicals used, including Manuka Honey (a favourite of Katherine’s for its healing properties) Cygnet 22 delivers an exceptional taste and an exquisite mouthfeel. The complex flavours and aromas from the Manuka Honey are imparted into the Cygnet 22 without any sweetness, leaving a smooth, silky taste.

The additional botanicals in Cygnet 22 include Calendula, Cassia Bark, White Peppercorns, Bee Pollen, Lemon Balm, Sea Salt, Rose Petals, Hibiscus and Heather. A warm heart of herbal juniper and spice is soothed by gentle notes of vanilla and bee pollen.

Signature Serves:

  • For a simple serve enjoy neat or serve Cygnet 22 with light tonic, lemon slice and rosemary spring garnish
  • For a more complex cocktail serve as a Cygnet 75 with simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and top up with sparkling wine