Following a fantastic summer in France, we began our CRWST venture in 2016. We followed the Welsh football team’s run to the Euro semi-finals before moving back home to Blaenffos, West Wales. Little did we know that in just over a year, we would be delivering CRWST doughnuts from our Café and bakery in West Wales to that very same football team!



Osian is a trained chef and we had been planning our venture for a year or so before the move back West. Our trip to France was the perfect place to do a little market research before taking the plunge! Once back home, Osian was inspired, and began baking artisan bread and delicious cake creations. We attended a weekly market in Cardigan, along with supplying six local shops. The amazing loyal support of both locals and tourists has been crucial to our success.



In 2017, we began to build our dream, of a café and bakery in West Wales. After five months of hard work and dedication, in April 2018, CRWST in Cardigan opened its doors, serving brunch, bread, bakes, and coffee. Within a couple of months, the increase in demand paved the way to establishing a separate location for the bakery, giving the bakers plenty of space to work their magic!


In 2019, our most recent development was encouraged by Crwstomers – a production line! the CRWST jars and kits are from Osian’s delicious recipes used in daily bakes or brunch dishes. From award-winning Pembrokeshire Sea Salted Caramel to Crunchy Granola, now available for customers to take home and devour!




From proofing a CRWST white bloomer to slicing our Torth y Wlad sourdough, we’ve got a loaf with your name on it! CRWST is about real bread made by hand every day, using organic flour and traditional methods. We have a wide range of yeasted loaves and sourdoughs and we’re always adding more to the selection to keep customers happy!


Our baking team are passionate about simple quality ingredients like Shipton Mill flour and our popular Bara Crwst is supplied to at least 6 local outlets.



During the pandemic of 2020, all businesses found they had to adapt to change. We’ve had a massive amount of local and national support for our products.


We sold hundreds of bake at home ‘Pancake Kits‘ and ‘Dessert Kits‘ online, to our happy Crwstomers who, during lockdown, were able to enjoy a taste of CRWST in their own homes. We spent time baking and delivering bread to Crwstomers in the local area. We concentrated on perfecting our CRWST products, redesigning the packaging and perfecting the recipes, with a view to adding new and tempting recipes for the future to sell both online and in our Café.