Crwst Story – Diverse Fine Foods.

The Crwst (meaning ‘crust’ in Welsh) story is one of humble beginnings. Catrin and Osian, armed with a deep love for baking and a desire to share their passion, started baking bread in their home kitchen in 2016. They then took their fresh bakes and cakes to local shops and farmers' markets, where the community's response was overwhelmingly positive. This initial success was a glimpse into the potential of their artisanal approach to baking.

In 2018, Crwst's journey took an exciting turn. The duo opened a café in the heart of their hometown, Aberteifi. This café was not just a place to eat; it was a haven for foodies and a testament to their commitment to quality and community. With a focus on brunch, pastries, and exceptional coffee, the café quickly became a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike.

The overwhelming response to their café led to the establishment of an offsite bakery on Bath House Road in Cardigan and a second café in Poppit Sands. The new bakery is dedicated to creating the artisan bread and bakes that Crwst have become known for. Staples like Torth y Wlad Sourdough, Brioche Doughnuts, Cinnamon Swirls, and Portuguese Custard Tarts were not only served at their venues but also supplied to over 20 local independent shops and restaurants across West Wales.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns posed significant challenges, but Crwst adapted with resilience and ingenuity. We began jarring and bagging our homemade recipes and selling them on our online shop. This new direction was more than a pivot; it was a natural progression of our ethos of sharing our culinary creations. The demand grew exponentially, and before we knew it, we were being approached my more and more retailers who wanted to stock our products. In 2021, this growth eventually led to the establishment of a purpose-built production and packing facility. Here, we have full SALSA certification and have the capacity to grow further.




Today, Crwst is synonymous with award-winning artisanal products. Our range includes:


Our caramels are not just sweets; they are a celebration of Welsh heritage and artisanal craftsmanship. We use only the finest Welsh cream, sourced from local dairies, ensuring a rich, creamy texture that is unmistakably luxurious. The addition of Welsh sea salt, hand-harvested from St Davids adds a subtle yet distinct depth of flavour that elevates our caramels to a gourmet experience.

We have collaborated with other artisan Welsh producers, integrating locally sourced honey and award-winning spirits into our recipes. These collaborations have resulted in award-winning products, each with a story and a taste that is authentically Welsh. Reflecting our dedication to quality and flavour, every product in this range has been honoured with Great Taste awards, a testament to our commitment to excellence in artisanal confectionery.

Hot Chocolates

Our hot chocolate range is a tribute to our unwavering commitment to quality and the joy of indulgent experiences. We use only the finest fair-trade Belgian chocolate, known worldwide for its superior quality and rich flavour profile. By blending this exquisite chocolate with a variety of flavours, we have created a range that caters to every chocolate connoisseur's palate, from the classic and comforting to the adventurous and exotic.

The origin of our hot chocolate blends can be traced back to our cafés, where they first captivated the hearts and taste buds of our customers. The overwhelming response and love for these blends inspired us to package them, allowing our ‘Crwstomers’ to recreate the warm, comforting experience of our café hot chocolates in their own homes. Each sip is a reminder of cozy afternoons spent in the welcoming ambience of our cafés, bringing a piece of our heart and heritage into every home.


Our granola range is a testament to our love for wholesome, nutritious, and delicious food. Packed with hearty oats and an assortment of nuts and seeds, each batch is a crunchy, flavour-packed start to the day or a perfect healthy snack. We sweeten our granolas with the finest Welsh honey, sourced from local apiaries. This honey not only adds a natural sweetness but also brings a touch of the Welsh countryside to every bite.

Our commitment to creating high-quality, delicious granolas has been recognised with multiple Great Taste awards. These accolades are a reflection of our dedication to using only the best ingredients and our skill in crafting granolas that are both nutritious and delightfully tasty. Each spoonful is an adventure in texture and flavour, embodying the essence of Welsh culinary craftsmanship.

From our beginnings in a home kitchen to our current status as a supplier to artisan retailers across the UK, our journey has been one of passion, resilience, and community. Our products are now a staple in many independent shops, wholesalers, multi-retailers and department stores across the country. At Crwst, our story is woven into every product we create. From the warm aroma of freshly baked bread to the rich taste of our hot chocolates, each item is a chapter in our ongoing culinary odyssey. As we partner with Diverse Fine Foods, we are excited to share our story and products with a broader audience, continuing our mission of bringing real Welsh produce to your pantry.