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Luxury of Simplicity

Harry’s Bar has been welcoming guests to the heart of Venice since 1931. A century of tradition in the best Italian restaurants. Since 1983 Cipriani Food has been taking our recipes and a selection of the finest raw materials into the homes of our customers.


The history of Cipriani Food is 90 years long. It is the result of the work of four generations who have been able to work together, guided by a common vision. The story of an Italian family, excellence in the international food sector.

Our Story

Harry’s Bar has been one of the most renowned restaurants in the world for over 90 years. An institution in the city of Venice. A meeting place for writers, artists, actors, princes and aristocrats, famous for its legendary dishes and incomparable atmosphere, always imitated and yet still unique.

Bellini and Carpaccio

Giuseppe Cipriani Sr. was the inventor of Bellini and Carpaccio.
Bellini, the iconic cocktail, was invented after the end of World War II in the name of peace and freedom by mixing prosecco with a fresh white peach puree. The drink is named after the Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini (Giambellino) whose works were on display at the Doge’s Palace in Venice
at the time.

Carpaccio was created by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1950, the year of the great Vittore Carpaccio exhibition in Venice. It was inspired by Countess Amalia Nani
Mocenigo, a regular customer who had been forbidden by her doctor to eat cooked meat. There are a thousand and one versions of Carpaccio, or perhaps
even more. The real Carpaccio is the one invented by Arrigo Cipriani’s father, and consists of very thin slices of beef sirloin arranged on a plate and decorated in the Kandinsky style with a sauce that at Harry’s Bar is called ‘universal’.

Worldwide Network

It was Giuseppe Cipriani who invented the famous Carpaccio and the original Bellini, two creations of Harry’s Bar that have become icons of Venice, very well known all over the world.

Harry’s Bar became so popular that the format spread everywhere, especially overseas, and it was later replicated in Asia and Middle East. The unmistakable style of the most popular Venetian bar in the world was a huge success in New York City, a town in constant evolution just like Cipriani brand.

The brand’s portfolio includes restaurants, event venues, hotels, lounges, clubs and serviced residences, as well as a full line of Cipriani-style food and beverages.

Cipriani Egg Pasta

Our pasta dough is simple.
We use 7 eggs per kilo of durum wheat semolina. Nothing else.
Only the best Italian raw materials carefully chosen by Arrigo Cipriani.
It cooks in no time, about three minutes, thanks to its thinness and the low moisture content of the dough (7.5%).
Each pack contains 5 servings.

The Result of Complex Preparation

The preparation process is slow and therein lies our secret: more than 80 passages between rollers and folds. Ancient gestures, like those of the rolling pin but more effective, make our pasta very thin, almost impalpable. Finally, we let it rest for over 14 hours until it reaches the consistency that meets our requirements. Only then is it ready. A unique product.

Our Products

The inimitable Cipriani pasta, with its extraordinary yield and fragrance.
Good, thin and elastic.

A variation on the traditional recipe.
We have eliminated the yolk, minimising the cholesterol, but not the taste.

With 30% protein, it combines traditional taste and texture with the demands of modern nutrition.

Cipriani Classic Egg Pasta

  • Tagliolini Classic Egg Pasta
  • Tagliolini Spinach Egg Pasta
  • Tagliardi Classic Egg Pasta
  • Tagliardi Spinach Egg Pasta
  • Tagliarelle Classic Egg Pasta
  • Tagliarelle Spinach Egg Pasta
  • Pappardelle Classic Egg Pasta
  • Pappardelle Spinach Egg Pasta

Durum Wheat Pasta

Artisanal cold-processing of the best durum wheat from Puglia, selected by one of the most qualified millers and transformed into pasta using a technique that respects both time and raw materials, during both kneading  and drying.
We offer it in the classic formats of Cipriani menus:
Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Fusilli and Penne.


The Carnaroli rice we have chosen comes from very old cultivations. It has a perfect grain that retains its starch until it is vigorously stirred and does not burn.


A Special BufalaMozzarella

 Round and smooth, rich in milk, Cipriani’s bufala mozzarella is made with simple and essential ingredients, all of the highest quality and guaranteed provenance. Four litres of buffalo milk for every kilo of product. Whey, rennet and salt. The skilful work of Cipriani Food’s master cheese-makers from Campania. They transform the raw materials into a unique mozzarella with skilful manual movements. And it’s ready to serve. Its authentic, delicate flavour encapsulates all the authenticity typical of Cipriani Food’s products and vision of gastronomic excellence.

A Luxury Ricotta

“Ri cotta” is a product whose name is a legacy of work. It is cooked  twice. A process with which Cipriani Caseificio is familiar. Cipriani ricotta embodies its style. It is simple, but the result of complex balances. It is a luxury.
Made from fresh whole buffalo milk, which provides a higher protein content than cow’s ricotta. It owes its creaminess, softness, colour and distinctive flavour to the superior quality of the raw materials we choose and our production methods.

Pasta Sauces

Organic sauces selected by Arrigo Cipriani and made from scratch to bring the taste of our restaurants to your table.


  • Pomod’oro
  • Sansovina
  • Passata
  • Pesto


With its slightly fruity taste and delicate aroma, our extra virgin olive oil is suitable for the preparation of all dishes. Starting with the recipes from Harry’s Bar.

Cipriani Food vinegar comes from Barbera grapes. It is produced using an ancient method which, after the vinegar-making process, involves ageing in oak barrels.

From the famous Harry’s Dolci. Handmade. Crunchy and not crumbly. Delicacy and goodness lend a special personality to this product with its inimitable taste.
Available in:

  1. 200g metal tin
  2. 125g metal tin
  3. Single portion of 4 pieces

Created with three simple ingredients: egg whites, sugar and time. A lot of time. As long as it takes to make them unique.
Available in:

  • 50g metal tin
  • 25g metal tin
  • Single portion of 5 pieces

A soft and consistent dough, enhanced at the end of cooking with a golden crust.

Handmade with natural ingredients, it is characterised by the absence of candied fruit and a clean taste. Flour, butter, eggs, sultanas and natural yeast make it a special cake.

The Venetian cake of age-old traditions. The method of kneading, the leavening time and the baking transform simple ingredients such as eggs, butter, sugar, flour and sourdough into a soft and tasty product. The perfect cake for any occasion.

Cipriani Gelato
Harry’s Bar’s famous gelato, available in both the handy 300g pack and the 70g single portion to enjoy whenever you like.

  • Vanilla
  • Sorbet Bellini
  • Chocolate

Seasonal fruit in its natural state, cooked slowly in a pot with a pinch of brown sugar. At a low temperature, with patience - nothing else.

  • Apricot
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberry

Little Salt Shelled salty peanuts
Peanuts carefully selected and roasted until they become crunchy.
Preserved in their practical tin packaging, they can be enjoyed anywhere in all their simplicity.

Little Salt Mix
A delicious mix of dried fruit in warm colors including almonds, walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts, all carefully shelled. The perfect solution to carry a proper amount of energy with you.

Non-Alcoholic Bellini
The Bellini was created at Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1948. It was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani for his customers and dedicated to the famous
Renaissance painter. Today Arrigo Cipriani has innovated this tradition, transforming the original cocktail of fine living into a non-alcoholic drink with white peach puree and mineral water. Mixed with sparkling wine it becomes the Bellini, with Gin, Vodka or White Rum it becomes the ideal fruit cocktail for every season.

Cipriani tonic waters were created to celebrate the link between Harry’s Bar and the tradition of the Barman going back to 1931. Our guests have always come to enjoy the best of our classics such as the iconic Bellini or the legendary Montgomery.

Harry’s, dry and with a delicate taste, is a must for all occasions.

Eloise, rich in Mediterranean aromas to emphasise the Italian style.

The Original Bellini
After the end of World War Il, in 1948 Giuseppe Cipriani invented a cocktail in the name of peace and freedom. He mixed Prosecco with a white peach puree, resulting in the iconic Bellini.

The Original Bellini
The name of the cocktail comes from the Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini, whose paintings were on display at the Palazzo Ducale. The inspiration came from an orange-pink cape present in a painting by Bellini. Bellini is still made only with Prosecco and white peach puree, according to the originai recipe. The sweetness of peaches mixed with bubbles generates a sweet and delicate cocktail.



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