About Chilli5


At Chilli No. 5 we are dedicated to providing the most delicious flavourful gourmet chilli sauces & gift sets using the most natural & healthy ingredients, delivering the best range of your favourite international flavours of chilli & hot condiments, marinades and BBQ hot sauces. We are dedicated to sustainability & strive to make our packaging beautiful yet responsible.

Our Founder Rumble Romagnoli discovered the need for healthy sauces at home in the kitchen during the lockdown to help elevate home-cooked meals and take-outs. He teamed up with good friend and chef Colin Ross who came up with some incredibly tasty recipes. We decided to create healthy sauces that people loved. As we loved hot sauces, we made sure all sauces were based on chillis.

“I founded Chilli No. 5 because it was impossible to find high-quality, healthy hot sauces at the supermarket or even at restaurants. During the lockdown, people were cooking more at home and were discovering the challenge of recreating their favorite bold flavors. We created our sauces to elevate our food at home.”

Chilli No. 5 is dedicated to sustainability. Our gift or tasting collections not only allow you to try all our sauces at once but come in glass vials / test tubes in cardboard boxes which are all recyclable – we are working on getting reused mousse. Our hot sauces are also available in glass bottles. We use glass where possible and our mission is to be Carbon Zero by 24.

Chilli No. 5 will also offer money-back on new orders if you send them the packaging back to their HQ in London or in Nice, France. Plus, Chilli No. 5’s subscription model enables you to get regular deliveries of your hot sauces, discover new flavours, be more sustainable, and save money.


Opening a Chilli No. 5 hot sauce gift set is always an exciting adventure. People get so excited by the packaging and opening up the boxes. Please discover the Chilli No. 5 best hot sauce gift set & chilli tasting collection packs. All of our gifting boxes contain Great Taste Award-winning sauces, flakes and oils and offer beautiful pack designs, a variety of world flavours, healthy ingredients, sustainable packaging, and a scale of spices in each gift set.

All our sauces are vegan, gluten-free and kosher - unfortunately, we cannot claim to be organic even though huge attention is made as to where our ingredients are sourced. We use local and small suppliers for ingredients, marketing and packaging wherever possible.

Our sauces are packed with the most sought-after chillis on the planet including the Reaper chilli, as well as superfoods including black garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar and 100+ more ingredients. All sauces contain 6 natural health supplements - maca, ginseng, guarana, inulin, L-arginine, and Fenugreek. This is why we would argue that our sauces could have great benefits for health. We do not use any colouring or preservatives.

All our sauces are made fresh by chefs in London and in the south of France and are delivered within days to our partners to sell.

Chilli No. 5 has curated a selection of almost 20 world hot sauces in 200ml standard glass bottles, 100ml limited edition bottles, 100ml pouches, 25ml tasting test-tubes and mini 15ml sample bottles. These sauces are being stocked by speciality fine food shops, catering companies, BBQ companies, butchers, gifting companies, health-food shops, restaurants, hotels and high-end supermarkets.



The Chilli No. 5 brand taps into people's lifestyles and celebrates, parties, cooking, grilling outside, cultivating, and design. We hold parties through the year connecting our partners with our community of Chilli No. 5 followers.

Chilli No. 5 is very excited about the mini collections which it sees as a game-changer for the condiments industry. Not only can people select and taste their favourite world sauce but they can also create their own personalised mini hot sauce gift set or pick one of the collections created by the Chilli No. 5 chefs.

These minis are perfect for travelling, taking to work, and even taking along to restaurants #donttellthewaiter.

Our brand values are flavour, sharing, togetherness, creativity, inclusivity, sustainability, design, provenance and health - these are for our founder, the important things in life.

The Important Things In Life

"They’ve never been clearer. Friends, family, loved ones. Good times and good food with people that matter the most. It’s why I created Chilli No. 5. A range of delicious chilli sauces to make these moments even more special. Our hot sauces come in all sorts of marvellous international flavours, using the healthiest, most natural ingredients, packed with superfoods, antioxidants and health supplements, to make you feel really alive. All sustainably sourced, to care for our planet too. It’s the Sauce of Life you might say. I hope you enjoy trying these luxury hot sauces and sharing them as much as I enjoyed making them."
Rumble - Chilli No. 5 Brand Founder