About Boundless


Our mission is to make snacking well easy.

We make activated snacks that leave you feeling good, we take great ingredients and make them even better with our activated magic.

What *is* activation? We’re glad you asked! To put it simply, soaking out the stuff that messes with digestion gives you a snack that’s good to you & kinder to your gut. With a little TLC, our nuts, seeds & ancient supergrains are ready to unleash their impressive range of nutrients. The method might be simple, but the result? It’s next level snacking!


Whether it be our Activated Nuts and Seeds you’re in the mood for, or the world’s first Activated Chips, one thing’s for sure – Boundless has your back. back.

We say no more compromising when it comes to snacking! Why shouldn’t snacks taste good and do good? By activating our 100% natural ingredients, we’re giving your body full access to all of that goodness, without ever missing out on taste.



Being good to you, your gut & the planet is everything to us – that’s why we champion our charity partners Frank Water with every bag we sell.  Better for you, better for the planet. Who wouldn’t want in?

So, go on, #BeGoodToYourGut - because snacking just gut good…


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