About Bemuse


At Bemuse we recognise that conscious drinking, imbibing differently is the future, whether moderating, sober-curious, abstaining or optimising hydration, hence our refreshingly crisp, raw honey fermented drinks with soft sparkle.
We create non-alcoholic effervescent honey wines – delicious alternatives to sparkling wines. Bemuse honey wines are low in sugar, made using a natural fermentation process with only honey, water, and yeast that is infused with all-natural ingredients. Our award-winning natural blends are unique and refreshing - a step out of the ordinary.

Bemuse was inspired by nature and by Britain’s most ancient drink – mead, which was intriguing because of its history and the potential for creating a new drink that was tasty, exciting, complex, unique, and healthy. The core of our business is honeybees. We choose to elevate honey: raw honey, the original elixir of life, traditionally used in mead, reimagined without alcohol, to create a wholly different 21st-century drink: dry with notable acidity and compelling complexity, yet fermented (as is mead) with honey, yeast, hops and water and amplified with a judicious blend of herbs. The raw honey’s character, aroma and taste reflects its terroir, the forage the honeybee pollinators gather and preserves the honey’s beneficial nutrients.



Honey wines are probably the most sustainable drinks on earth. As we all know, we rely on pollinators for our food supply. With the population of wild bees dwindling, we will increasingly depend on the local beekeepers and domesticated bees to stand as the last line of defence for all plant-based foods we love. Moreover, apiaries have one of the lowest footprints, while vineyards, as beautiful as they are, require a lot of land. And while a lot of food production goes down the route of mechanization and minimising human labour, honey cultivation requires direct human interaction with hives and the beekeeping industry proud itself in creating jobs.



We are very excited about the role honey wine can play in giving us a more sustainable future.  We are passionate about our mission of giving our consumers a choice – a delicious wine alternative – non-alcoholic effervescent honey wine, which is good for you and the planet.
Bemuse is a proudly Made in Britain brand, a B-Corp and a part of Buy Women Built Community.