About Artisan Biscuits



Here at Artisan Biscuits, we are the proud producers of the well-known and beloved range of Miller’s biscuits, crackers and toasts.

We are a long-standing family bakery in the heart of Derbyshire Peak District, a national park.

We started more than 100 years ago. In that time, the world has changed dramatically, but, in the bakery, the way we bake is barely any different.
We use the same bronze rollers and biscuit-moulding method that we have for decades.


All our Miller’s products are made by real people.

We sift and weigh our ingredients by hand, bake our biscuits until they are just right, and check each one by eye. The same way we have done for decades.

Our most cherished tools are over 80 years old and we use them every day. We appreciate reliability, here in Derbyshire.


We use the best quality natural ingredients in everything we bake.
Our butter is churned in England, our clotted cream comes from the West Country, the flour for our biscuits is milled without additives and we buy British toffee from the experts.

We want the finest flavours for our baking, so we only use butter, non-hydrogenated oil or extra virgin olive oil.

We never use artificial additives or preservatives. Why would we, when ingredients are this good?



We want our biscuits to look and taste as irresistible as possible, which is why every Miller’s cracker and biscuit we make is checked at each stage of its journey through our bakery.

Our Head Baker checks to make sure the dough temperature is just right, and by the time a biscuit or cracker reaches you, it will have been checked and given the thumbs up by 15 different bakery staff.


Our Miller’s range of products are well known not only for the quality of their ingredients, but also for their taste. We have something to offer everyone and for every occasion, whether it be our Mondovino range of crackers to nibble with drinks, or the perfect savoury cracker to pair with your cheese boards.
The Miller’s Elements range is a tribute to Earth, Fire, Water and Ale. The basic building blocks of a life worth living.

While Miller’s Toasts are perfect for pairing with a multitude of cheeses, meats or just for nibbling on their own. These thin, crispy slices of toast contain wholesome ingredients such as fruits, seeds and honey in every bite.   

Our original range, the Miller’s Damsel range, consists of three varieties of ultra-thin and crispy wafers made with the likes of stoneground flour, English butter and buttermilk.

Our Miller’s Harvest range is a trio of natural ingredients; fruits, nuts or seeds, baked into a delicious square cracker. It is the perfect range for those looking to experience the best of nature’s bounty.

Mondovino is a range of crisp, snappable and savoury crackers designed to partner wine. Whether your destination is Greece, Italy or Morocco, indulge in a world of Mediterranean flavours perfectly suited to the world of vino.

Or, if you would like a try a little bit of everything, our ‘Best of Miller’s Selections’ are for you, now also available in a gluten-free variety. Encompassing the best of what our ranges have to offer, there will be something appetising and delicious no matter the time of day or occasion.

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