Purely Plantain was created in 2017 following a trip of the two founders of the company Stef and Mark but only launched officially into the UK market in June 2018. Purely is on a mission is to inspire the world with innovation through food. Bringing discovery and shaping the future with new great tasting products from around the globe. Purely bringing the world’s food closer to our customer. Our Short-term vision is to become the number one plantain chips brand worldwide introducing other products from around the globe over the next 3-5 years.

Why we do what we do?

A saturated potato crisps market and traditional snacks not offering the consumers enough choices, variety, experience and health benefits. Our USP is definitely strong and well defined. Purely plantain chips product is positioned as a high quality, premium priced snack designed to appeal to identified emerging appetites. Purely plantain chips is a unique tasty and healthier alternative to the most common on the go choice potato crisp but made entirely from savoury bananas. Purely is a guilt free pleasure for snacks lovers. 30% less fat on average than potato crisps, Gluten Free, NOGMO, Gluten free and Vegan friendly and processed with sunflower oil. Purely is currently available in three flavours Naturally Salted, Nice & Spicy and Garlic but three new exciting flavours will be added to the range over the next few months.

Stef and Mark passions in life include travelling, business and sampling local delicacies. After visiting a number of banana plantations on a business trip to Ecuador they found themselves sitting in a bar having a drink.  It was at that moment that both were introduced to the plantain chip. It was unlike anything they had tasted throughout their travels. Knowing that plantain chips would provide a more satisfying and healthier alternative to potato chips and many other traditional snacks popular back home, they both knew they had to develop a product that everyone here in the UK and globally would have access to. Purely, plantain chips.

What drives us? Honesty, authenticity, curiosity and positive energy. So we simply created a product that would carry all of them and have that clear mission of inspiring people to be more curious about the world from what they eat to how they think.

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