Pic’s is a New Zealand made, multi award-winning peanut butter. They use natural Hi-Oleic peanuts that are specially grown in Australia, which offer health benefits and flavour like no other! It has higher levels of protein, lower levels of Saturated fats & the perfect source of energy

Our Story
Pic’s Peanut Butter was established in 2007 after founder, Pic Picot discovered sugar in his beloved peanut butter and started selling his glass jars at the Nelson Market. Pic’s is now NZ’s #1 selling Peanut Butter and is the best-loved peanut butter of Kiwis. It’s signature, freshly roasted, great tasting flavour has transformed the peanut butter market across the globe and has become a premium staple of NZ pantries. Pic’s expertly crafts peanut butter, both crunchy and smooth, made with 100% Hi-oleic Aussie peanuts and occasionally salt, in our salted varieties. No nasties or weird stuff added.
Pic’s is proud to be taking Kiwi PB to the world and is stocked in both Coles and Woolworths in Australia, alongside 250 independent stores. Cold Storage in Singapore, independents in Malaysia & California is home to Pic’s in the USA with 150 independent stores stocking us. In total Pic’s is available in 13 countries.
Lovingly made in Nelson, New Zealand, Pic’s Peanut Butter has won numerous awards and is used by leading chefs across the country. Pic’s Peanut Butter has just released their first ever jelly/fruit spread. Adding to the really good range are all natural, full-flavoured Almond and Cashew Butters and Peanut Butter Slugs – sachets of the world’s finest smooth peanut butter for on the go healthy snacking, moving Pic’s away from being just a spread.
Best of all we have a new factory called Pic’s Peanut Butter World, which offers free factory tours where everyone is welcome to come and meet our master PB makers and see just how we make NZ’s best loved PB

Our Range
– 340g Boysenberry Jelly (Exclusive to Diverse)

Peanut Butter:
– Slug Dispenser Box: 20x 30g Smooth Sachets
– 195g Glass Jar: Crunchy, Smooth
– 380g Glass Jar: Crunchy, Smooth, Crunchy No Salt, Smooth No Salt,
– 1kg Tub: Crunchy & Crunchy No Salt

Other nut butters
– 195g Almond
– 195g Cashew

About Pic’s Peanut Butter World:
Pic’s Peanut Butter World is a brand-new purpose-built destination for locals and visitors to Nelson Tasman and a ‘must do’ place to visit for all lovers of good food and peanut butter. It officially opened its grand ‘star’ doors to peanut butter lovers from around New Zealand and the world on February 2019. Peanut Butter World is located at 49 Saxton Road, Stoke, Nelson Tasman. Visitors can see Pic’s Peanut Butter being made from the vantage point of specially constructed viewing platforms, meet the people who make their favourite spread, learn more about owner Pic Picot’s journey as a peanut butter maker, and even make their own peanut butter. On-site café PC Eatery provides a place to showcase Pic’s as being more than just a spread, and there is a shop full of peanut butter and other local goodies to take home.

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