A Revolution in Savoury Snacking:

Launched in December 2018, Other Food’s Mushrooms snacks have all the taste and texture of natural slow baked mushrooms.

The earthy Umami taste of mushrooms is one that few consumers can resist, combined with just a pinch of Himalyan salt to heighten the organaleptic experience Other Foods mushrooms snacks are a moreish indulgent treat that satisfy that savoury sweet spot in snacking with all the benefits of natural goodness and a hint of guilt-free pleasure. Other Foods vision is to bring delicious healthy natural mushrooms snacks into everyday use. Under 100 calories per portion, no artificial colours, additives or preservatives – they are good enough to eat anytime you want.

Our Range:
• Crunchy Shiitake Mushrooms
• Crunchy Oyster Mushrooms
• Crunchy Trumpet Royale Mushrooms
• Crunchy Ladies Fingers Okra

Unique Selling Point:
• Slow Baked at low temperatures to retain maximum vitamins and minerals.
• Vegan friendly and Gluten Free
• High in Fibre
• Lightly seasoned with Himalayan salt.
• 100% natural ingredients free from additives&preservatives
• 1 of your 5 a day.