Chocolate Reinvented. Good for you. Good for the environment.

We believe that chocolate can be good for you and good for the environment – and that’s why we’ve reinvented everything from the ground up. Our vision of the ideal chocolate includes finest flavour, highest quality ingredients, no empty calories and a non-profit mission.

Indulgent Taste. We wanted to create a unique melt-in-the-mouth experience that only uses the finest raw cacao, hemp seeds, nuts and coconut blossom nectar to create an irresistible chocolate that is raw, vegan and organic.

More Nutrients. Natural ingredients such as hemp seeds and acerola have been combined to help you get through the day. nucao efficiently provides you with antioxidants, magnesium, iron and vitamin C, contains good omega-3 fatty acids and balances lower carbohydrates with good protein.

Less Sugar. Even the average dark chocolate bar contains 30% sugar. Instead, we sweeten our melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with a dash of coconut nectar. This creates a delicious healthier chocolate with only 5-7g of sugar per bar – meaning your blood sugar level is not sent on a roller coaster ride. Chocolate with a clear conscience and without the familiar sugar lows.

Planting Trees and No Plastic. We care about our environment and want to make a difference in everyway we can. To help reforestation efforts, with our partners Eden Projects, we plant one Mangrove Tree for every bar sold. To date we have planted almost 300,000 trees in developing countries which creates jobs, protects threatened regions from natural disasters and, above all, helps remove CO2 from our environment. That’s not all, our bar is also completely plastic free using a cellulose wrapper to help us get our bar to you in the best condition while being completely home compostable.

Our chocolate reinvented bars currently are offered in 6 delicious flavours; Wild Berry, Hazelnut, Espresso Crunch, Macadamia Chai, Cashew Vanilla and Coconut.

So that is nucao. Our chocolate starts with an indulgent blend of pure raw ingredients, we bind this with our ethical stance to take responsibility for our impact on the planet creating a delicious healthier chocolate. Chocolate reinvented to be healthier for people and the planet.