LoveRaw is about taking everything back to natural. They believe in simple ingredients and honest, natural products that taste amazing. No artificial nonsense. Nothing preachy or pompous. Just vegan chocolate that tastes amazing.

LoveRaw was launched in 2013 by Rimi Thapar, with the aim of proving that not all vegan food is made equal, and to put a big focus on the importance of diet and feeling great.

LoveRaw’s delicious, kick-ass chocolate treats are perfect with a cuppa or on-the-go. Around 100 calories per cup these beauties are made with delicious nut butters and organic fairtrade chocolate. They contain no palm oil, no dairy and no compromise!

They currently offer five vegan chocolate butter cup flavours; Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Butter, Cookie Dough & Peanut Brownie and aim to make indulgent chocolate snacks that taste great to vegans and non-vegans.

Did you know?

● Rimi left a great career in investment banking to start LoveRaw with a budget of £600!

● In 2017 Rimi turned down a £50,000 investment deal from British entrepreneur Deborah Meaden after appearing on the Dragon’s Den.

● Since this brave move, average monthly sales have grown by over 200% with a year-on-year growth rate of 98%

● Challenger brands are responsible for 59% of current market growth (FDF Research)

● LoveRaw ButterCups are, and always have been, made in the UK