Our Story

It all starts with apples. Kentish Pip is based at Woolton Farm, near Canterbury where the Mount Family has been growing apples for four generations.

The cider business was founded by Mark Mount in 2012 using a traditional scratter and wooden hand press. Mark initially built up the business through local pubs with still cider made from surplus eating apples at the end of the season.

Mark had vision for his business, he planted three new orchards with a mix of seven heritage apple varieties to be used in conjunction with Kentish dessert (eating) and culinary (cooking) apples. This early vision laid the foundations that now give Kentish Pip it’s truly unique character.

In 2015 the company launched a new range including products with recipes inspired by Rosie, Mark’s wife including Wild Summer, Forager, Craftsman, Vintage and Firespice. At the same time their son Sam joined the business and together they launched a new brand identity for Kentish Pip.

As the company has grown it has developed its brand and product range to what you see today but their foundation in fruit growing and their belief in quality ingredients has never changed. The unique range of varieties including dessert, culinary and cider apples is the ideal partner to their contemporary style.


Ingredients are key, Kentish Pip only ever use fresh fruit, never concentrate, and they never chaptalize the juice (add sugar to ferment to high strength). Our apples are harvested at their optimum ripeness and pressed within days to capture the full flavour and aroma.

All cider production takes place at Woolton Farm under the guidance of Sam Mount and cider maker Ed Curry. The fresh juice is fermented mostly in individual single varieties like in the wine industry giving the maximum expression of flavour from the fruit.

The cider goes through two fermentations before the maturation (aging) process begins. Again like wine this is different for every variety and can span from 4 months to 18 months before the product is ready to be sold.

The finished ciders are packaged in cans, kegs and bag in boxes.

Our Style

Kentish Pip’s products are distinguished primarily by the variety of apple used to create to product and secondly by the fermentation techniques employed. Their Wild Summer cider is made using wild elderflower foraged by the team from the hedgerows around Woolton Farm.

All the products have a defining house style of fruit forward with a fresh and clean acidity balanced with varying degrees of tannin.

The Products

High Diver
High Diver plunges you into a world of fine bubbles and bobbing apples. A luxurious blend with Cox and Bramley apples, medium dry, marrying fresh acidity with a bright aromatic fruit character. Take a dive and see what you find.

Skylark is a next generation sparkling cider, popping with big notes of fresh Kentish dessert apples, followed by a flourish of complex cider tannins. Slow fermentation of this special blend of dessert and cider apples creates a deeply refreshing, medium cider for those that expect the beyond.

Our original Craftsman cider is the connoisseur’s favourite. Medium dry and full of fresh flavour, each small batch is blended by hand, then tasted and tweaked for a light, fruity finish. Our uniquely Kentish character comes from fresh hand-picked dessert apples with a subtle addition of select bittersweet varieties.

Wild Summer
Wild Summer is made with hand-picked fresh Elderflowers from our farm.
The flavours of pollen and nectar from the flowers punctuated with crisp dessert apples makes a wonderfully enticing and zingy cider. Watch the flowers bloom with a chilled glass of Wild Summer, perfect for those hot, hazy evenings.

Recent Awards

British Cider Championships:
2018 – Gold Medal Dry Cider (Dappler)
2017 – 3 x silver medals (Skylark x 2, Pure Discovery)

Taste of Kent Awards:
2019 – High Diver Winner 2018 – Kent Discovery Finalist 2017 – Skylark Winner
2016 – Craftsman Winner

Great Taste:
2017 3 x Gold Star Awards 2016: 1 x Two Gold Star Awards