What is JARR?

JARR is a kombucha brewery based in Hackney Wick, East London founded by old friends Adam, Jess, Tom and Neil. After visiting Adam at his home in Los Angeles in 2015 and realising that they all shared a passion for kombucha, the group of friends set out to create a drink that challenged the norm and offer an alternative to artificially produced, sugary soft drinks. In Autumn of 2015 they opened the first kombucha tap room in Europe offering their 3 flavours: Original, Ginger and Passion Fruit on draft and in cocktail. In April of 2016 they launched their first bottled range into Harrods and have been honing their technique and spreading the word about kombucha ever since.

What is kombucha? 

Kombucha is fermented tea. In its truest form, it’s a blend of tea, water, sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). These ingredients are left to ferment in a warm environment for a period of time leaving you with a delicious, refreshing and nutrient dense soft drink. Low in sugar, kombucha naturally contains beneficial acids and antioxidants.

Where does kombucha come from? 

According to legend, kombucha was first brewed around 220 BC in China during the Qin Dynasty as a ‘longevity elixir.’ It then worked its way across Asia to parts of Russia and Eastern Europe where it was common as a home brewed soft drink and health tonic until the late 1980’s. In recent years it’s become a staple beverage in the Western wellness world where it is now brewed as a complex soft drink/ alcohol alternative, and also as an innovative cocktail mixer.

Our kombucha:

JARR is all about changing perceptions; we love getting people to reassess their ideas of what they think a fizzy drink can be. Instead of creating a predictable drink that we knew would appeal to everyone’s tastes and expectations, we decided to brew kombucha; unapologetically punchy, healthy, and damn delicious. Full of contrast. Full of contradictions. Unpredictable. Unbelievable. It leads you to new places. New people. New experiences. And occasionally, it blows your mind (in a good way).

Original Kombucha

With the perfect balance of both sour and sweet, our Original Kombucha is reminiscent of green apples and citrus fruits, a refreshing kick at any time of the day. Winner of a 1 star Great Taste Award.

Ginger Kombucha

Imagine your favourite ginger beer, but healthier, with more zing, and even more delicious. Freshly juiced organic ginger root is added to our original recipe for a zesty and fiery delight. Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Award.

Passion Fruit Kombucha

Our delicious Passion Fruit Kombucha is made by blending our classic kombucha with just the right amount of 100% pure Ecuadorian passion fruit purée for a burst of tropical flavour. Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Award.

Raspberry Kombucha

Deliciously tart and fruity, our Raspberry Kombucha is made by adding sweet and juicy raspberries to our tangy Original brew. Enjoy summer in a bottle, all year round. Winner of a 1 star Great Taste Award.

Our Ingredients

Kombucha is only as good as the ingredients with which it’s brewed, and here at JARR we use the best ingredients we can find.

The Tea

We use a 50/50 blend of organic green and oolong tea. Our Gunpowder Green tea is certified organic, biodynamic, carbon neutral and fair-trade, sourced direct from a single tea estate in Uva, Sri Lanka. It is light, bright, fruity and smooth with a delicious aroma of dried apricots. Our Ti Guan Yin Oolong is the most famous of all oolong varieties. It’s certified organic and single origin, sourced from the legendary Fujian Province of China. It has a naturally creamy texture and aroma with a rich, complex floral sweetness and a smooth finish. Together these two teas create the perfect base for our 4 core flavours.

The Scoby

Our own proprietary SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) has been lovingly cultivated and refined over 3 years to create the perfectly balanced kombucha.

The Sugar

In kombucha fermentation sugar acts as food/ fuel for the yeast and bacteria, so we decided to feed our SCOBY the highest quality organic Brazilian cane sugar we could find.

The Water

We use pure, 3-stage carbon filtered water, with the perfect degree of mineralisation for kombucha fermentation.