Cru8 is a multi-Great Taste award-winning British brand that produces all-natural alternatives to processed and nutrient-empty foods with its range of nourishing and delicious plant-based Paleo and Keto products.

Cru8 Founder, Alexi von Eldik, started the retail product business in 2014 after she discovered the benefits of a high-raw diet, harnessing it to recover from a pre-diabetic condition and to lose 20lbs of weight. Alexi believes that a high-raw, predominantly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, wellbeing, and productivity benefits. She set out to prove her theory through her Masters in Organisational Psychology that she undertook at City University. Results from her research showed that a high-raw, gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free diet not only significantly enhances work productivity but it also supports emotional wellbeing. Alexi was subsequently awarded a distinction for her thesis and set up Cru8 with the purpose of creating convenient, delicious, yet highly nutritious foods that would support healthy lifestyles.

The recipe for every Cru8 product has been designed and created by Alexi using the finest, nutrient-dense ingredients to deliver optimum nutrition, support wellbeing and increase productivity. Alexi’s range has a high-profile fan base precisely because it not only tastes great, but is highly nourishing and has tangible benefits, including being anti-inflammatory and pro-microbiome.

Cru8 has four core ranges: Paleo Breads, Raw Crackers & Crisps, Raw Cookies and Raw Macaroons. All products are handmade in small batches using artisanal methods in Cru8’s own kitchens in London. The products are Soil Association certified organic and free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars.

Half of the Cru8 range is raw, including the Raw Macaroons, Raw Cookies, Raw Crackers and Crisps. These products are minimally processed and heated and dried below 45 degrees, which ensures nutritional integrity. Enzymes so essential for digestion are intact, meaning the food is optimally nutritious.

Cru8 has grown from strength-to-stregth and is now stocked in Selfrdiges, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Revital and a number of independents across the UK. in 2019, Cru8 was awarded two Nourish Awards:  “Best in Category” for the Cru8 Paleo Bread and a “Merit” for the Cacao Banana Loaf.
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