Botanic Lab are the pioneers of using functional botanicals to create unique drink experiences. Each Botanic Lab recipe is created around a central ‘hero’ ingredient gathered globally from the highest quality sources, carefully selected for the effect on the body alongside its health-giving properties. Optimum ratios are meticulously calculated with both medicinal potency and maximum flavour in mind.

The modern drinker is demanding function, premium and sophistication from all drinking experiences and increasingly shunning alcohol. They are a more conscious consumer in every respect; this is a lifestyle choice. By providing considered drink experiences that incorporate culture, flavour and function in every serve, non-alcoholic options are elevated to a new level of intrigue.

Botanic Lab is redefining functional drinking away from the energy drinks of old. Functional drinks can truly be healthy and intriguing and part of the lifestyle choices of a new generation of consumers.


Rebekah is the CEO and Founder of Botanic Lab, the innovative drinks business making waves in the UK market, with products taking over the shelves of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Eat, Gail’s and many more retailers. Since 2014, her strategic vision and business acumen have been the driving force behind Botanic Lab, bringing innovation to the drinks market and catapulting the business to success in a very competitive landscape.

Rebekah followed her studies in economics with a successful 10-year career as a city corporate financier. She is a firm believer that one of the key personality traits required in a successful entrepreneur is an abundance of resilience, preferably accompanied by a sense of humour. Rebekah is a regular speaker at female focused and entrepreneurship events, providing an honest and refreshing insight into the process of launching and building a brand.

As a somewhat unexpected counter to this, Rebekah is also an experienced yoga teacher, having practiced traditional ashtanga yoga for many years. She knows the health and wellbeing sector inside out, both as a consumer and also a business owner, but is unashamedly cynical about it.

She says, “I’m no health pin up. Our products were developed for someone just like me. Yes, I’m health aware, but with the best will in the world I drink, never restrict what I eat and don’t have time to devote my existence to food prep and gym selfies. I won’t feel guilty about that. I am also a stickler for quality. I want the best that my money can buy and I want it to be convenient, taste good and if it looks great as well, that’s a bonus. Life is too short for bad drinks, whatever your lifestyle choices.”

She goes on to comment that, “We felt there was a gap in the market for a drinks range that tastes great and has a functional impact too. Our brand ethos is based around a ‘Created Better’ culture meaning that we like to do things others can’t do, won’t do or are too afraid to do. Striving for better quality, processes, sustainability, flavour, functionality and innovation is our mission. The end result is to bring genre-defining products to the market that will change the way consumers think about drinks.”


Taking non-dairy milk drinks to the next-level, the single serve botanically enhanced PlantMilk drinks have been formulated with uplifting high-functioning ingredients, derived from 100% plant sources, such as the much talked about Yerba Maté.

PLANTMILK1 COFFEE DAMIANA combines damiana leaf, an aromatic herb, with 100% Arabica coffee in an invigorating coconut blend. Damiana is revered in Mayan culture as an aphrodisiac and is also used to relieve anxiety, nervousness and to produce a mild emotional uplift.

PLANTMILK2 CHOCOLATE YERBA MATÉ sees Yerba Maté blended with rich dark chocolate and coconut milk to create and indulgent and delicious drink. Yerba Maté, often referred to as ‘the drink of the Gods’ is known as having the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate all in one.

The botanically enhanced beverages will see the UK market benefit from some of the world’s most nutritionally dense plants, delivered in creative and flavourful drinks.

Botanical Teas

Hitting the gap in the market for sophisticated soft drinks that take you from day to night, the range is a clean and refreshing alternative to carbonated soda. All are free from refined sugars, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

The CANNABIDIOL Botanical Tea Drink provides a 21st century version of ‘dutch courage’, without the alcohol. The drink tastes delicious, combining sour cherry and floral hibiscus with botanical hemp CBD extract. Botanic Lab is, giving its drinkers all the health benefits of the much-heralded CBD and easing the social anxiety that sometimes comes with the fast-paced social interactions we are all now engaged in.

CBD is one of many compounds or ‘cannabinoids’ that make up the Cannabis Sativa plant, and the one that has received most interest in the health community for its potentially beneficial uses. CBD is not psychoactive and will not get you high – essentially, we have taken the healthy part of the cannabis and put it into a drink. In recent years the nutritional benefits of CBD have gained much public and scientific interest in areas from anxiety to sleep and even appetite. Each Cannabidiol Botanical Tea drink contains 2mg of hemp CBD extract, an amount ideal for general health maintenance.

The DAMIANA Botanical Tea Drink is the original stiff drink set to spice up social drinking. Damiana’s passion inspiring properties made it the go-to aphrodisiac for Aztec tribes in its native Mexico. Here the anxiety busting Damiana leaf is complemented by refreshing grapefruit and thyme in this uplifting botanical drink.

The YERBA MATE Botanical Tea Drink is made from the “tea” of choice in South America. A cultural institution, Yerba Maté packs the punch of coffee but without the nasty jitters. Combined with jalapeño and ginger, it is fiery and fiesty, celebrating nature’s answer to energy drinks.

The GREEN TEA Botanical Tea Drink is delicately refreshing, treating the flavour notes of green tea with the utmost respect, as is custom in the ritual tea ceremonies of Japan. This energising tea is paired with the unmistakable exotic citrus of yuzu fruit.

Botanic Lab Founder Rebekah Hall comments, “Consumers are increasingly bypassing alcohol in favour of soft drink options, but even in this day and age the non-alcohol choices are limited, boring and frankly a little flaccid. The introduction of this Botanical Tea Drink range is what we have been waiting for. Incorporating one of the most talked about and culturally significant plant ingredients of the last 100 years, CBD Botanical Tea is a ground-breaking drink.”