About ThreeDots

We are ThreeDots

We help the modern innovators reach their optimum potential and achieve self-awareness. We carefully crafted our naturally flavoured CBD sparkling water and infused it with botanicals (also known as adaptogens) that help your body regulate stress responses. No unnatural anything.

ThreeDots offers you the opportunity to disconnect, regroup and focus on a healthier lifestyle. We support the individuals who are determined to be kinder to themselves.

Those who dream big, swim against the current and seek balance in their hectic lives. They are always on the lookout for natural remedies and self-healing. We stand for those who embrace personal growth over external pressure.

At ThreeDots, we value individuality, self-belief, and mental and physical wellbeing. We believe that homeostasis should be a daily goal and that routines can be reinvented.

We refuse to compromise on quality and advocate for transparency and traceability.

We celebrate the original you.





The ThreeDots...

ThreeDots pays homage to the ellipsis, that “dot, dot, dot” at the end of a sentence, that moment of pause, the unfinished thought where your imagination gets to fill the silence.

ThreeDots is a reminder from us to take a moment and be kinder to yourself. Let our drink lead you to something more.

Get back to real...


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