About Sugarsin


Why SugarSin

Do you yearn for our dreamy tins of truffles, lust after our famous Gin Fizz gummies – or have you fallen for a vegan jelly heart?

Every time you buy a SugarSin product, you’re getting something super special.

Quality is at the core of all SugarSin decisions. And we never compromise. Each gourmet product is created from the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the best confectionery suppliers in the UK and Europe.

90% of SugarSin products are hand-packed in-house. Every bag, box or jar reflects the SugarSin ethos of outstanding quality and taste.

All you have to do is decide which of our 100 varieties of premium products you would like… 




Our Journey So Far

Our sweet company, SugarSin, has always been the sweetheart of the confectionery industry.

In 2019 the candy baton was passed to us…
Foodie and Sweet Company Entrepreneur, Jiten Shah

After spending 15 years in finance and operations, Jiten had a sweet dream to venture into business. He stumbled upon SugarSin when searching for a food business for sale in London. And it was love at first sight…even before he’d tasted the sweets. Jiten has always loved a dark mint chocolate. But now Fizzy Tropical, Gin Fizz and Peach Sangria Gummies are among his favourites…once you become a SugarSin fan, it’s not possible to have just one favourite sweet!

Product Manager, Clare Turnbull

Clare has spent 20 years working with the big brands in chocolate and confectionery. Her fondest memory is being given 20p by her dad to go and choose pick and mix on a weekend as a young child. During her confectionery career she created a giant easter egg that weighed the same as a small child – with enough chocolate to feed 70 people!