About Just Wholefoods


Since 1989, Cotswolds-based Just Wholefoods have been at the heart of making inclusive, plant-based and organic food that not only tastes amazing but fits in with a busy, modern lifestyle. Extremely proud of their organic and plant-based heritage, Just Wholefoods only use the best ingredients for their fully vegan certified range. That is why you won’t find any palm oil, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners in any of their diverse and varied product range.



Just Wholefoods’ organic and vegan gummy sweets are the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the product range. Produced in Cirencester and in small, lovingly made batches, their multi award winning gummies really are the ultimate guilt-free treat for kids of all ages!



Just Wholefoods continue to develop their range in order to provide innovative organic and plant-based food that is both delicious and sustainable, but most importantly is not just viewed as an alternative, but food for everyone.