About Girls Who Grind Coffee

We are a womxn-led, anti-patriarchy specialty coffee roastery and rebellion movement.  We source all our coffees exclusively from change-making womxn producers.  We celebrate their work and share their stories, ensuring representation and  visibility and, what the hell, roast their crazy delicious coffee.
To give back to the producers in exchange for everything they give, above and beyond the beans themselves, we run the Cheek to Cheek initiative, putting 10% of the sale price of all our retail coffees back into their pockets.  They are part of our team, part of the rebellion.

Our lives were saved by coffee and rebellion, but the rebellion doesn't end with coffee, that’s just the beginning.  We are a community of rebels making positive changes in other areas that the patriarchy would love to see us shut out of. Nice try.  We seek out fellow anarchists who do their own thing and dismantle misogyny along the way.  Skaters, bikers, writers, riders, punks and producers, engineers and entrepreneurs, join the rebellion.  Through collaborative events, sponsorship, ambassadorship and more; we are here to support you, to be seen and heard, and stay strong AF doing it.




We are two things.  Pro-coffee and anti-patriarchy.  And awesome.  That’s three things.  Deal with it.

How it started

Girls Who Grind Coffee is an all-female specialty coffee roastery owned and run by us, Fi O'Brien and Casey LaLonde.

Casey, originally from Upstate New York, and Fi, originally from Melbourne Australia, met and became friends in our now hometown of Frome, Somerset.  

While our kids played, we often got chatting about our love of coffee and our various experiences within the industry, discovering that we both felt as though there was definitely room for change and improvement, in short - we wanted to see more equality!  



As women, we had felt a little pushed out of an industry that we had loved so much and had so much to give to.  Rather than simply complain about it, we thought we would make the change we wanted to see!  We wanted to create an industry where women felt empowered and celebrated for everything they bring to the table and have their voices heard. Hence why we made the conscious decision to focus solely on buying coffee from female producers, sharing their stories to the world, giving them the recognition they rightly deserve for the incredible work that they do.