About Flower & White


Flower & White, makers and innovators of award-winning meringues, proudly introduce their brand-new look for 2021. With the same remarkable flavours, the new lighter and brighter packaging and logo is a part of the company’s innovative growth journey and pursuit to discover new ways to enjoy the lighter side of sweet treating.

“As we continue to innovate and move into new categories, an exciting rebrand opportunity was inevitable, so launching in January 2021 is really putting a spring in our step here at Flower and White…the lovely and brilliant team are so excited and remain testament to our continued success” explains Leanne Crowther, Co-Founder and Director. “It was important for us to embrace our customers feedback of their experience of joy and delight when indulging on our blissful sweet snacking confections. This has given us the opportunity to strip everything back and really hone in on our key strengths of lighter, low calorie and to highlight our brand values of treading lightly and brightly”.



Everybody deserves to be treated and at Flower & White we're on a mission to make sweet treats that you really can feel good about. Our philosophy is to be light, under 100 calories, perfectly sized for sweet satisfaction and with the long-term aim of reducing sugar in our diets. We pride ourselves in using better, naturally grown ingredients. No additives, no E-numbers, just all-natural deliciousness. And if you happen to be gluten-free, we’re that too!


We hope you'd agree that we all need to tread more lightly on the planet.  There is always a better way, and this is embedded within everything we do. Like fairly paid farmers, palm oil free products, 100% recyclable paper packaging & heading for a plastic free life. Every decision we make we want to look back with pride.
The future of Flower & White is light and bright, we're thrilled to have you board, best put on your shades!



From standing in a garden shed laboriously separating eggs, whipping up giant Meringue Clouds, to creating the world's first low calorie Chocolate Meringue Bar, husband-and-wife duo, Leanne and Brian Crowther have been on some journey. Flower & White was founded in 2009 and has now flourished into a business creating over one million meringues a day, challenging the traditional confectionery business model for you and your customers.