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A Brief History of Cold Brew

Cold brewing has existed for centuries, dating all the way back to the 1600s, in Japan. The method itself is widely believed to have been invented by the Japanese themselves - Some have speculated that this method was originally introduced by Dutch traders, although there are few records of cold brewing existing outside of Japan prior to this time period.  When the Dutch traders returned from Japan, however, they brought the cold-brewing process with them. The easily-preserved nature of the Cold Brew concentrate had a multitude of uses, notably keeping the traders themselves awake during their long travels, as well as staying fresh and flavourful long enough to sell in other countries.


What goes into a FITCH?

What’s in a FITCH? A brew, by any other name, would taste as good - or would it? We take our brewing seriously, and that means using some seriously good ingredients to make the best product possible. In every FITCH Cold Brew, you can be sure that we use nothing but our high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients in each flavour. Nothing hidden, nothing fake. 




FITCH Cold Brew coffees & teas offer a fresh take on cold-brewed beverages. While many companies offer canned cold brews, here at FITCH we strive to innovate within the industry. Since starting in 2017, our goal has been to create the best tasting drinks with real ingredients. We’re dedicated to our mantra, which is that organic, simple ingredients can create mouthwatering soft drinks. No fakes, no shortcuts. At our brewery in the heart of Yorkshire, we create refreshing and unique coffees & teas using nothing but the highest-quality ingredients, fuelling our passion for the craft with each can.





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