About DRGN


 Our Brand Story

  • DRGN (“Dragon”) Turmeric Superdrink is a natural Wellness Drink inspired by ancient wisdom of the Far East.
  • DRGN’s Founder, Vishal, lived in Hong Kong for 8 years, discovering wonderful botanicals used in this region for 1000s of years in food, drink and medicine.
  • A fusion of Eastern alchemy and Western science, the concept of DRGN began in Hong Kong in 2012 – Year of the Dragon – the same year that Vishal’s twins were born, and affectionately known as ‘dragon babies’.
  • So he created DRGN, a refreshingly tasty drink packed with health-boosting ingredients to meet the demands of a modern, Western lifestyle.



DRGN, the Superdrink with a Twist of Asian Vitality.


Authentic Ingredients

  • DRGN contains 15 health-boosting ingredients with a blend of botanicals, vitamins and minerals, but is free of caffeine and low in sugar.
  • Its key ingredient, Turmeric, is widely known as nature’s ‘wonder spice’ for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and is used for liver support, digestive health and joint pain. DRGN’s botanical blend is completed with black pepper, which increases the absorption of Turmeric, and Ginger, a powerful anti-oxidant.
  • DRGN also contains an array of essential Vitamins and Minerals, including Vitamin C – to support the normal function of the immune system, and B-Vitamins to reduce fatigue and improve focus.

Refreshingly Tasty

  • This Award-winning drink has been blended with Austrian spring water into a lightly sparkling drink with a squeeze of lime and a hint of pineapple.
  • A refreshingly tasty way to get your daily health boost!

Social Responsibility

  • DRGN’s ingredients are all sustainably sourced from accredited suppliers with an Ethical Trading Policy.
  • The brand supports mental health initiatives and donates its healthy drinks to food banks, charities and the NHS.



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