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Dreamers… exquisite handmade popcorn in three enticing flavours

Our world is fragile, we should cherish it and appreciate its vulnerability. We all have a duty to make our planet a cleaner, safer place to live. We at Dreamers are striving to improve and encourage positive change within our company and our suppliers. As an artisan company we are small, but we are intent on making noise and we insist on our ethics being adopted through our chain of production and distribution.



Chocolate &, Caramel Popcorn

Deforestation has occurred for years, in recent times it is becoming widely recognised as a detrimental practise. Not many people actively support the destruction of our rainforests, the majority are just not fully aware of the facts. We want to raise awareness and support the ever increasing population who oppose deforestation and its devastating effects.

“Dreamers’ is a member of WWF and fully supports its fight to protect our wildlife, oceans, rivers and forests.”



Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Our oceans and sea creatures are at the mercy of mankind, we need to change our habits to protect and retain the majestic expanses that are vital for our existence. With human activity having such a detrimental effect on our marine environment, we are at a pivotal point to determine how our future will develop.

“Dreamers is a member of The Marine Conservation Society and fully supports its fight to protect our marine life, oceans and rivers."



Truffle Popcorn

We are big dog lovers at Dreamers. The truffle hunting dog on this pack is Diesel our own beautiful German Shepherd. Diesel and our daughter Alexa are the epitome of how humans and animals can live in harmony. We want to support remarkable relationships with animals and make them the norm, not the exception.

“Dreamers supports The Dog’s Trust and its fight to support mistreated domestic animals.”