About Chococo


Hello, we are Chococo

With 20 years of experience and over 125 national and international fine food awards to their name, Chococo is a leading authority on artisan chocolate in the UK.

20 years of Chococo

Founded in 2002 in the Dorset seaside town of Swanage by Claire and Andy Burnet, and now available nationwide via their mail order service or at one of their four Chocolate Houses across the south, Chococo has pioneered the crafting of fine, truly fresh chocolates and delights, celebrating ethical, single origin chocolate and seasonal local produce, since it began.

From the very beginning, Chococo has been passionate about working with local Dorset producers for their fine seasonal chocolates, championing the flavours of the county including sea salt from the Dorset Sea Salt Company on the Isle of Portland or honey from Field Honey based in Purbeck.

These unique flavours are blended with the finest single origin chocolate carefully sourced by Chococo to suit and delight all palates, including naturally vegan-friendly dark and oat m!lk chocolates.

Direct Trade, Dorset Made

The brand’s signature milk and dark chocolates are made exclusively for Chococo by their Direct Trade chocolate partners in Colombia and Ecuador and both are 2023 Gold Great Taste Award winners. Their award-winning signature milk chocolate is made for them in Colombia with fine Fino de Aroma cocoa beans and contains 47% cocoa solids and 23% milk solids. As a result, it contains much less added sugar than most milk chocolates, at just 30%. This deliciously rich, yet creamy, sustainable milk chocolate which celebrates the taste of cocoa rather than sugar, is exclusive to Chococo.

Their award-winning 72% Ecuador origin dark chocolate is made for them by their partners Martinetti Cocoa in Ecuador from fine heritage Arriba Nacional cocoa beans sourced from a single estate, Hacienda Zoilita in the Los Rios region. This deliciously moreish sustainable dark chocolate with mellow coffee and raisin notes, is exclusive to Chococo.

Chococo also offer a Colombia origin oat m!lk chocolate with 43% cocoa solids for a sweeter tasting chocolate without dairy. It has clean creamy cocoa flavour notes and in their blind testing, tasters couldn’t tell that it wasn’t a classic milk chocolate!



C is for Christmas, C is for Chococo

For Christmas 2023, Chococo is launching their festive gifts in stylish new printed packaging with fabulous on shelf impact, including their faceted penguins, chocolates-filled baubles and boxes of curated award-winning festive flavours.

The hollow penguins are available in their signature milk, dark & oat m!lk chocolates, the baubles reveal tissue-wrapped filled chocolates inside, including award-winning Dorset Sea Salt Caramels, and the Festive Collection boxes include such mouthwatering flavours as Chai Spice, Gingerbread Caramel, Nutmeg, Tawny Port & Fig, Crunchy Honeycombe, Tangy Tangerine, Marzipan, Classic Champagne and Spiced Praline with Popping Candy (for a fabulously festive fizz of course!).

The Chococo chocolatiers have created Festive Collection boxes of 9 or 16 chocolates and also a purely plant based Festive Collection in both box sizes. Whilst they believe the plant based selections are suitable for anyone following a vegan lifestyle, they do warn on pack that they work with milk.

Thinking of the Customer

Guaranteed to draw the eyes of customers with their stylish geometric designs, strong colours and gold foiled elements to catch the light, Chococo’s sustainable packaging also includes large photos of the contents on the side panels, which can be merchandised face on too, to help customers understand exactly what the chocolate gift inside looks like.

Truly Ethical Chocolate

All of the Chococo range is in 100% plastic-free, recyclable packaging, something they have been passionate about for a long time! Since its launch back in 2002, the company have used plastic-free cardboard grids inside their selection boxes to hold the chocolates in place. They have never used the plastic trays commonly used in the industry and never will. Over its 20 years in business it has eliminated all plastic from its packaging.

Further, each of the individual chocolates are hand decorated by Chococo’s chocolate artists with natural colours, which are also all titanium dioxide-free, and are packed by hand to ensure the best quality and experience for customers.
Chococo’s chocolate origins are high in cocoa and palm oil free (of course), with the dark and oat m!lk varieties also being naturally vegan-friendly.  Further, all their milk, dark and oat m!lk chocolate origins are also soya-free.



Something for Everyone

The wide variety of fine grades and origins on offer allows chocolate lovers to explore the world of fine chocolate and discover something new. Whether it is a creamy 47% Colombia origin milk chocolate penguin, or a deliciously rich 72% Ecuador origin bauble, your customers will uncover a world of distinctive and eye-opening flavours.

Even after 20 years, Chococo remains a forerunner in the fine chocolate industry, and dedicated to delighting and surprising chocolate lovers with the finest artisanal chocolates created with the finest sustainable cocoa.