About Cano Water


In 2014, whilst on vacation, three school dropouts from London found themselves on a remote island surrounded by a sea of rubbish with plastic bottles everywhere!

Instead of doing nothing, they got fired up, putting their creative heads together to find a better solution that doesn’t f*ck the planet!

After a load of late nights researching, they stumbled upon the benefits of aluminium. Turns out, cans are way more recyclable. And from there, Cano Water® was born.

What started from a random trip, became a movement that is now supported by millions worldwide, flipping the script on single-use plastic one can at a time!

Don’t Bottle It!

A whopping 70% of all cans are recycled. This makes them the most recycled drinks container on earth. A title worth bragging about.

Refresh, Reseal, Recycle
Just like the plastic part on your deodorant, our resealable lid is separated from the can during the recycling process. It’ll be recycled or incinerated within a controlled environment. The best bit? The waste energy powers the recycling process.